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  1. Hey, Its been about 4-5 years since Ive been active on here but I'm back. This is a shot in the dark but I'm desperately searching for a clean original vinyl pressing of "reflections" by Steve Lacy on the New Jazz label. Willing to pay a nice sum for a good copy. I'm also looking for Lee Morgan on Savoy and Wayne Shorter's "juju". Original first pressings only. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I enjoyed early Soundgarden as well and saw them live in 1992(?)...it was the badmotorfinger tour I believe. Shocking news and I feel for his family...
  3. Yes they were all isolated spots of clicks and noise; in my opinion a $40+ new record geared towards audiophiles should be perfect! Unfortunately part of the problem is the over saturated vinyl market and the swamped pressing plants trying to keep up with orders. That said; the 14 or so MM 33rpms that I do own sound amazing and really are the best choice for those who can't afford originals (Japanese Kings are close though). They lack the excitement and punch of the originals and seem rolled off a bit on the high end, but they do have a rich, full and smooth sound. Too bad about the recent ridiculous price fluctuations on the remaining MM 33rpm stock.
  4. I had to return at least 3 titles(and a few of them more then once) because of noisy pressings.
  5. I saw that same tour in 1996! Also caught them a year or two earlier when they toured their first album. Bought their debut 7" when it was released but I was tipped on it cuz I was a big Bastro fan before and knew this was John McEntire and Bundy Brown's new group.... I interviewed John McEntire for my crappy indie fanzine back in 1994 or 1995...I feel old now haha
  6. I'm quite content with my audio technica AT440mla cartridge. It's only $175-200 and is a good fit with my Rega planar 3 tonearm and Systemdek IIx(which by the way can be found used usually for not too much money - I paid $250 for mine).
  7. No I'm referring to my truck stereo that does not have a CD player. I have a USB input on my car player as well but I just use the CD player on that.
  8. I can't shuffle the tunes in my player, but I've never been a "shuffle/random" play type of guy!!
  9. I'm an old fashioned cd user in my car but for my work truck I use a USB stick as there is no CD player in it. I find the USB a good option; I just use an 8 gig one and usually load up about 10-20 albums. You can select between albums quite easily and you're not overwhelmed by a humongous iPod or iPhone playlist. And most importantly you can easily pick albums or tracks on the fly...something you can't easily do with a pre-programmed playlist.
  10. I was fortunate to see him many times in the 90s and early 00s in both the ICP band and smaller ad hoc groups. I loved his piano playing!
  11. If only there was more new music out there that even came close to matching the emotion, passion, and intensity of this album...
  12. The copy that sold for $500 looked pretty trashy with scratches and marks and a taped cover. $2300+ is a new level of insanity for this album...Popsike reveals most copies sell for around $300-600 but exceptionally clean ones really "pop". It seems tough to find with a clean white cover. I paid around $150 for mine some years ago but the cover is quite grubby - although the vinyl is borderline NM which is more important to me. Sorry but I am not interested in selling at the moment!
  13. Motohiko Hino "s/t" (Takt, Japan WLP) Takeo Uematsu/Takeru Muraoka "ride and tie" (express, Japan WLP)
  14. I really like that album. Got a very clean 2nd issue(blue label) mono for not too much recently. Days later I found out a friend had a white label original in his sell/trade pile but it was quite banged up so didn't feel that bad about it!
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