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  1. Interesting coverart (DSM??). Have similar graphic drawing on a JATP set.
  2. I doubt that. Still no Information today in march 2023 about the "Total" situation. Very poor work is all I can say fumbling around on this "plug-in" topic.
  3. Yes, I like him from Horace Silvers groups. Louis Hayes did also several albums with Woody Shaw's group. Here's on I like very much:
  4. My contribution via PayPal ---USD 35,00 How are the total donations? W.B.
  5. Ah yes, here are my Items: Lindberg, Jeff The Jazz Members Bigband "Diggin`in" 1993 Sea Breeze (CD) Lindberg, Jeff Mayday - Jazz Members Bigband 1984 Sea Breeze Lindberg, Jeff Jazz Members Bigband live at FitzGeralds 1985 Sea Breeze
  6. AM-PM AM-16 - The Los Angeles Jazz Workshop "Shopwork Shuffle" - rec. 1986 - Engineer: Jim Linahon
  7. SeaBreeze Jazz SB-2021 - Los Angeles Jazz Workshop " Stan's Donuts" -rec. 1984 - Engineer: Jim Linahon
  8. A big band compilation from Canada Quality Records SV 2119 - CJAZ 96.9FM presents " Various - Jazz Discovery - rec. 1982 (?) - Engineer: Rick Knight
  9. 👍😁 Love this concerert. Have the two parts on 2 different vinyls
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