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  1. Ah yes. Thanks for the Info. All the ntracks from both Onyx vinyls? Do you know this one? Its more or less a Shorty Rogers Item but on the frontcover the names Geller & Marmjarosa appear! Very strange
  2. Mode Records Mod LP # 120 [Japan] - Vi ctor Feldman " On Vibes" - rec. 1957 - Engineer: Bones Howe
  3. Bebopper George Wallington not often seen here. This is an excellent LP presented by Leonard Feather Mode Records Mod LP # 127 [Japan] - Leonard Feather presents BOP - Music Of The Day with George Wallington - rec. 1957
  4. Stumbled over this thread because I just bought me some early recordings ( 2 ONYX vinyls) for historical reasons after I had read parts of GIOIA's "West Coast Jazz". Very interesting his chapter about "Central Avenue Breakdown"
  5. Mode Records MOD LP # 103 [V.S.O.P. 1985] - Mel Lewis Sextet - rec. 1957 - Engineer: Thorne Nogar
  6. Frank Rosolino Quintet with Kamuca / Guaraldi / Budwig / Levery Mode_LP # 107
  7. Chase Music Group CMD8020 - Pete Petersen & The Collection Jazz Orchestra "Straight Ahead" - rec. 1989 - Engineer: John Mayfield 😁👍
  8. Yes thanks. I am very interested in good coverart. Here is a Goldblatt link https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1PRFI_enDE761DE761&q=Burt+Goldblatt+cover+art&tbm=isch&source=univ&fir=VpUbKgB9YksuiM%2C747PnpskIoaYsM%2C_%3BDdIIwzgYmoOmiM%2Cz4ykgHRGFpgI0M%2C_%3BHb8D7XLizQKgsM%2Cz4ykgHRGFpgI0M%2C_%3BEHJIhy6_xBazXM%2CWGEsLnFS6yXvOM%2C_%3BZzT3vi7KI7mc-M%2CQOaD963DCelmOM%2C_%3BNmyxv9x7LUJ36M%2Cz4ykgHRGFpgI0M%2C_%3Bw2iVvvSnK22IHM%2C2WYW8R6eYDewPM%2C_%3Br6A0syxUcJHG1M%2CrUCISvK_108B-M%2C_%3BAtRrPVdU0tjtZM%2CWGEsLnFS6yXvOM%2C_%3BOYbTUlUGel3EjM%2C747PnpskIoaYsM%2C_%3BdJGxUPXWz6H-tM%2Cz4ykgHRGFpgI0M%2C_%3BX73KZjhUVtP6XM%2Cs2J7NdGin1-HqM%2C_%3BMY_4jbrpSlU4vM%2CZBFB5hlxtQuIjM%2C_%3B_ip5IQGc8Cx3uM%2ChAbgmnaatXOmdM%2C_%3BMjzaad3s2JfsLM%2CZBFB5hlxtQuIjM%2C_%3BzDzetYjEqjIxfM%2CTihdwU2oefomuM%2C_&usg=AI4_-kQgQXUsUhRwWPJDa5qFIpCzxPUkrg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj3kNDo1M79AhXcRvEDHQnUBRYQ7Al6BAgGECY&biw=1056&bih=806&dpr=1.25 but could not find your Item. Anyway in his beginnings Goldblatt seemd to be influenced by the style of DSM (watercolored drawings) but has later more photos used and different graphic style. Have his art on many Bethlehems.
  9. Nice coverart. Could be David Stone Martin
  10. MCA Records MCA-3042 [Japan] - Wardell Gray & Dexter Gordon " The Chaee and The Steeple Chase" - rec. 1952 Featuring Side A: Conte Candoli (tp) / Bobby Tucker (p) / Don Bagley (b) / Chico Hamilton (dr) Side B: Tony Scott Quartet (Dick Katz (p) / Milt Hinton (b) / Sid Bulkin (dr)- rec. 1953)
  11. The Aurex series runs from 1980 to 1983 and has a total of 17 volumes (vinyl)
  12. Just 'peanuts' but the label is IMHO "EastWorld" - Have the vinyl and more of them. Great series not too much known among collectors. ;-]]
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