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  1. LOL. i didn't think anyone paid attention to the location. FWIW. the LPs are scuff/scratch free. and the book(lette) that came with the set is in NM condition.
  2. i just posted on the "what wax are you spinning right now thread", but it was such a great deal... Sun Records-The Rocking Years. 12 LP set, in excellent condition. Rockabilly Heaven. only paid $35 for the set.
  3. Sun Records-The Rocking Years. 12 LP set, in excellent condition. Rockabilly Heaven. and i paid $35.
  4. the record companies have been milking the public and ripping off artists for decades now. they have turned a great thing into a muddy mess, and then stand around and point fingers at everyone but themselves. FWIW, when my kids dig a song they've heard on the radio, we generally buy the CD Single. they've been disapointed more often than not when purchasing the full CD.
  5. i quit eating fast food for the most part 2 years ago, but every now and then i'll go to Baja Fresh. there is a take out only place on the other side of town that i like. it's called Chicken Kwik, and they serve Tandoori Chicken and Nan bread. good stuff.
  6. i think Madonna is the most talented, important artist of the last 100 years. (just kissin @ss, trying to stay on her Christmas card list)
  7. yes and yes. The Looney Toons set is great, even tho they left out my personal favorite...Hillbilly Hare. as far as the Bullwinkle and Rocky goes...Jay Ward=genius. can't wait for season 2 to be released. BTW-i picked up the H. R. Puffinstuf set the other day. my kids love it. have they released GUMBY on DVD? i used to smoke some 'erb and watch GUMBY...trippy stuff. <spleling edit>
  8. jeeze, tough break. the one guy who'd give you a pardon... AND YOU KILLED HIM!!!
  9. LGC Wavell Punch 2X Maduro Roth Punch Chateau L Maduro
  10. i was digging through a bunch of "Dixieland" CDs at a local used record store when i found this little gem simply titled, "Baby Dodds". i popped it into my car Cd player and low & behold, it's an instructional recording. from the liner notes i've gleaned this: it was recorded by Bill Russell in the mid 40's, and is a combination of several 10" recordings. Russell issued 3 volumes and this CD is volumes 1,3, and a previous unreleased volume 4. volume 2 was omited because it was, except for one song, repeated in other volumes. it really is a remarkable recording. the music is great, but the lessons and anecdotes are worth their weight in gold (and then some). Baby Dodds-American Music #AMCD-17
  11. here's a few that didn't get mentioned: Leiber & Stoller Jackson Browne James Brown Randy Newman Warren Zevon Ashford & Simpson Norman Whitfield Maurice White
  12. where are all the 'anti-flag desecration' folks? shouldn't they be bitching about Kid Rock's American Flag poncho? i suspect they are busy whining about JJ tit.
  13. Dude, did you know that Mr. Greenjeans was Frank Zappa's father? (well , that was the rumour when i was about 10). I always dug Dancing Bear. RIP Captain Kangaroo.
  14. YES! the Box Set s very cool. but, Pet Sounds is best appreciated in MONO-on LP.
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