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  1. I have that card. A little too young to have seen him in his prime. How old was he?
  2. 👍 Yes Mosaic Orphans, sadly, but at least on CD (and so presumably streaming). I enjoy both of them, although it took a while to adjust to the vocals on Now. But for me, they fit. I have always enjoyed Linger Lane and found it to be closer in spirit to the later 70s titles in the Select (which is a good thing).
  3. Thanks and I should have been specific - I was thinking about selling to a record store, be it Dusty or someone else. Is there some "% of retail price" one would expect? At some point I have heard this concept thrown around.
  4. I understand the ball and chain sentiment expressed above. Also curious on this question. Also, how does one know they are receiving a "fair" (i.e. reasonable) deal?
  5. Not quite there yet, hopefully. But starting to think. I suppose it depends whether you want to monetize your collection and whether you can find a store in your area. Ideally a couple/few stores so you can shop it around. Or if you have the time/interest, you could sell off the better stuff on ebay/Discogs. Or offer some of it up here 😀
  6. Yep, I was a member for a couple years. Aside - saw a couple brand new titles in KC last weekend - the Freddie Roach and McCoy Tyner Trident. $25 and $20 respectively. I have them both so passed.
  7. Good looking cover!
  8. Same here. I can find the occasional jazz title reasonably priced on Discogs (likely someone who received unknowingly on their subscription). Never quite understood the value around the $46 per month. What do you "get"? First pick on titles of the month plus $5 off per title?
  9. Oh yeah, Linger Lane is a keeper - fits in with the Mosaic Select records.
  10. Nor did I. Falling off the fence … I get why they left Now off, but I like it. It isn’t ALL vocals and I kind of like them.
  11. On the fence here, have all the CDs. I did not buy the Sonny Clark for the same reason. I do like the Bobby stuff more, so maybe I will purchase. The sound and the booklet are the draw.
  12. Today is Independent Bookstore Day. My wife has hit three so far and reports they are packed.
  13. Agreed! I absolutely love the photo of him with McCoy, Bobby Hutcherson and his young daughter.
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