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  1. Could that record really be 33 years old? My goodness. Saw them live at a Kansas City jazz festival around that time, enjoyed the show (and this CD). Will have to pull it out and listen.
  2. Thanks for posting that. I have not listened to this version in a long, long time.
  3. These things have been "coming soon" for 10 years and apparently I had pre-orders all over the WWW. So now I have an extra sealed copy of: Herbie Hancock - Takin' Off Stanley Turrentine - Look Out! Grant Green - Talkin' About They sell for $30 new. I will sell you all three for $60 postage paid in the US only. Please PM me if interested. Thanks
  4. Would be fun if we had some poll functionality to determine a winner. Or perhaps that is over-thinking it. Still shilling for "Hat and Beard" 😎 Oh yes and thank-you Peter for "Decision" - love that one.
  5. I have been bouncing around the book, picking out eras I would like to know more about. I found the discussion regarding his participation in a loft scene in the mid-60s pretty interesting and was certainly news to me. I believe the lease for the loft was held by Kiane Zawadi and served as inspiration for the title of East Broadway Run Down.
  6. Seems like this would perfectly fit the Mosaic charter.
  7. Great call on "Hat & Beard" and "Chicken Shack". Of course there is that certain Lee Morgan cut ...
  8. This, yes. And good for Craft for bringing out a non-obvious title. Nobody forced to buy it and if nobody does, they are stuck with the cost of the excess inventory. There seems to be a market for this "One Step" product, so why not? I won't buy the Rollins box, but for someone newer to jazz, the $30 CD version might be pretty appealing, with the booklet and all. Edit: Well, looks like this did sell out - and used copies are $350 plus. Not sure who loses here, except maybe folks who want this version of the LP. Nice to see the positive comments here - will check this out.
  9. I am not a huge Dylan fan, but happened on to that set and just love it. Yes, I am also looking forward to the new one!
  10. Oh that is awesome, thank-you. I live in KC and would be happy to hop a plane to TX to catch him live. Hard to find much info about his activities online.
  11. Dan - I’ll take the Kenny Drew. Will send the $ later tonight. Thanks
  12. Oh hell yeah! My interests are jazz and rock. I rarely mix the two, so may go rock for a few weeks and then be done - and then flip back to jazz. Spend maybe 2/3 with jazz and 1/3 with rock, plus select country, blues and classical. So if I am in a rock phase, I will drill down hard on a certain artist. If I find something I love, I will play the hell out of it, just to try to fully absorb it, what the artist is really trying to communicate, I guess. My latest rock obsession is an album by Charlie Sexton called Under the Wishing Tree. Just fantastic, timeless and I can’t seem to get enough of it 😃 On the jazz side, my latest “crush” has been John Patton, his later Blue Note stuff, say from 1966 onward. A bunch of this came out on the Rare Groove series. But I just can’t get enough of this stuff, I find it amazingly rich. Recent crushes have included Trane (a frequent target over the years), Sonny, Hampton Hawes and Teddy Edwards (Contemporary years). it is funny, my wife picks up on it and will tease me about it, which of course I love 😃
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