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  1. Felser put up a post in another thread which put me to thinking. Mosaic prices have plummeted. We wont' go into the reasons, but many sets have material which can be obtained by picking up individual cds. I have held off, for example, buying the Mosaic Woody Shaw on Muse because I have pretty much everything there on the 32jazz issues. Felser, however, points out that the 32jazz cds are a mess--I would love if he could expound upon that, and so he sees the need to keep his Mosaic box of the same material. So which Mosaic sets are worth keeping despite all or part of the material being available in single issues? I begin by quoting from Felser's excellent comment in another thread: I actually have been selling off most of my Mosaic sets as the material becomes available on other CD's. For instance, the Woody Shaw Columbia is totally trumped by that box set that Columbia put out - extra material, better sound, much lower price, smaller footprint. Exception for me is the Woody Shaw Muse box - the 32jazz reissues are so shoddy, I don't have the heart to have that be my representation of that great material. And the Elvin Jones, Lou Donaldson, Stanley Turrentine, Jackie McLean Blue Note boxes have important albums not readily available on Blue Note CD, and the Gerald Wilson and Jazz Crusaders Pacific Jazz sets the same. Beyond that, I only have a smattering of big boxes (Roach, MJQ, Sonny Stitt come to mind), and I expect to sell them eventually. I have kept a lot more of the Selects, which I prefer.
  2. Tell me about it. MIght as well buy the Mosaic box if the individual cds are that pricey.
  3. yes, very interested. I'll send you a pm. I did talk to the lady who is offering the disc on Amazon for $41. I asked if she would consider lowering her price on it. She said that "we research our prices and consider our pricing to be fair, but I'll look into it." She called me back to say she has reduced the price now to $38. Well that was a big discount! I'll continue shopping thanks. I mean the disc has been saved on my Amazon list for at least six months. What she considers "fair" doesn't jive with what the market is willing to pay it seems. Anyway, Freejazz might have a disc for me. If not, I'll splurge on the Mosaic box.
  4. Can anyone find me one for sale? Amazon's $41.00 is a bit too pricey for me.
  5. Looks like the squeelers lost another one then started to cry foul regarding headsets. Can you believe this? An ass whomping brings up the cheater's accusations. With regret, I'm sitting out the season. It's a year of change for me, as I attempt to relocate to Florida. Lots of work ahead involving job change, selling home, etc. I'll watch you guys anyway.
  6. Please tell me the log in password to cbs so I can make my picks. If I don't get a reply in time, I'm taking the Pats in Thursday's game. thanks
  7. when I asked my undergraduate Russian lit teacher who he preferred between Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, he said for the Russian people it was an easy choice: Pushkin!
  8. So many talented people on this forum. Congrats Sandy!
  9. Tough competition this year, and I'm struggling to stay afloat. I gave up cable earlier this year and have no tv channels at all. I think this might have some effect on my picks. I think I've seen two football games so far this season. But I've still got the internet! Have to pick up my game here.
  10. I'm going with the Redskins. Will not have access to the CBS site until Saturday. Will finish my picks then.
  11. I picked Atlanta, who were the favorites as well. can you credit me? thanks
  12. I copy/pasted the standings from another post. Forgot who wrote that. It's on page 1 of the 2013 NFL pool.
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