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  1. I would like these please...Shipping to Canada .....permanent2@shaw.ca
  2. I AM INTERESTED IN THE 2 CHARLES MINGUS LPS ....condition and price please !

    1. Ken Dryden

      Ken Dryden

      Sorry I missed your message. Will follow up after dinner.

    2. Ken Dryden

      Ken Dryden

      Here's what I have;

      Mingus Music Written For Monterey 1965. Not Heard, Played in Its Entirety, Vols. 1 and 2:

      Bifold cover has cut corner on front half. Insert and 7" disc are included.

      LPs look Near Mint, but there is a small scratch on one side of the 7" disc that runs nearly straight from label toward the outer edge. I have not yet play tested it and forgot that it was included. 

      Limited edition #2505

      Mingus at Monterey was bought new and has some ringwear. The LPs look near mint, I probably played my Mingus LPs with Dolphy a lot more than this set over the decades. This is the version with the sky/lightning on the record labels.

      If either one of these is of interest, let me know and maybe we can figure out pricing.


  3. I can help and am in Canada ...higher shipping ........permanent2@pcnet.ca
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