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  1. This is one of the most (in)famous duels between an England batter and a fast bowler Michael Holding, known as "Whispering Death" is probably the greatest fast bowler I've seen
  2. When I first got into cricket, 50 years ago, the batters wore very little protection, usually a box to protect manhood and maybe a guard on their leading arm, no helmets. At that time the West Indies ruled supreme in no small part to a stable of frighteningly fast bowlers who all bowled 85mph+. There's great footage of batters trying to avoid getting hurt and failing. Express bowling has been a weapon unleashed for decades, back in the 30s there was a very famous series between Australia and England known as "Bodyline Series" because England used their quicks to target the Aussie batters. It was seen as ungentlemanly and caused diplomatic ructions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodyline Photos show batters with no external protection. Express bowling is a wonderful thing to witness live and is an important tool in a team's armoury if available. It belies the genteel image that some people apply to cricket. Sadly, it has caused death, most high profile recently when an Australian international Phil Hughes died having been struck on the side of the head below his helmet protection, in a domestic game.
  3. That's happening in Copa America at the moment I think
  4. Yes, the first half was England close to their full potential, a joy to watch. Second half they defended well after Koeman changed tactics to dull our threat. Spain have been the stand out team for me (alongside Georgia) and the final will be a very tough examination with Spain strong favourites but we live in hope!
  5. Time to ressurect this thread...is it coming home? 😄 Unlikely given the opponents on Sunday
  6. Lloyd McNeill - Asha [Asha Recording Co. Inc., US RE date unknown] Very pleased to score this, the first reissue on McNeill's own label with artwork by him. The first press is now getting very costly so this will do me until my lottery win. Can anyone shed any light on when it may have been released?
  7. Resilient Vessels - Live At The Cell [RR GEMS, Estonia 2021]
  8. 👍 Sorry couldn't wait, who needs virtue It's track 5 from this For Mahalia, With Love | James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet | James Brandon Lewis (bandcamp.com)
  9. Happy to wait, patience is a virtue they tell me...
  10. Wow, in which case I'm even more intrigued by which album it is as on the strength of that one tune i definitely need it!
  11. I agree. maybe I should just have said at the start that I find the Joel Ross cover art bizarrely horrible and left it at that 😃
  12. Yes, in the greater scheme of things the music's the important thing. I just think if you're going to bother creating artwork some effort may as well be put into it beyond what I feel was done so in this case.
  13. That cover, for me it does the music a great disservice.
  14. I was wondering about Brandon Lewis, it's not like anything I've heard him play style -wise but I've not been keeping up and he kind of fits tkeith's hint.
  15. That made me laugh, maybe time to buy them their own? I was very pleasantly surprised that I managed my last switch without wrecking anything. As a confirmed techno-idiot it was something of a first
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