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  1. 'In Berlin' a favourite, the other's pretty special too
  2. The discogs listing has been on my radar for a while with the hope that someone will either reduce the price or another will be listed at a more reasonable price No cricket for me but I did attend the festival acouple of times in the early 80s, other recreational activities...
  3. mjazzg

    Herbie Mann

    Another vote for 'Stone Flute'
  4. How did I forget 'Music From Europe', has to be included
  5. Tough call but without overthinking it, here's six, couldn't get it any lower 😀 '8th July 1969' 'Wellen Waves- Berlin Soloflight' 'Oasis' duet w. Jeanne Lee 'That Come On Down' 'People Symphony' 'Heartplants' very early but very good That being said I haven't been disappointed in any I've bought. I will be very interested to hear what you make of your imminent arrival.
  6. mjazzg

    Herbie Mann

    Too many to list. Coincidentally listening to 'Salute To The Flute', nice run of tunes on Side 2. And earlier I was listening to 'Riggt Now' whilst cooking and wondering where this album gets filed in the magnificent filing system at @Teasing the Koreanmansions.
  7. The Traveller is great, you'll enjoy it I'm sure. I have 20+Hampels but not that one...got me thinking. Sure it'll be good too
  8. But OJC didn't go that route and released all those titles including 'Eastern Sounds', as has been pointed the music is readily available elsewhere in numerous formats, including streaming. So I can't see that the Craft edition is in any way detrimental to the fans of the music or anyone who wants to see if they like it or not. Craft are operating in the post-OJC market offering a niche product to a niche market, if they were doing so contemporaneously to the OJC reissue campaign and in some way preventing the CD reissue then you would have a point. But we're not time-travellers and that didn't happen. That there are so many for sale sealed just goes to show that there's always people out there who will try and play that market, not very successfully it would seem as they remain unsold.
  9. It's one of my favourite top five Jazz albums so for me it works. I wouldn't buy either of the Coltrane or Davis titles you mention as they don't mean as much to me. I'm also a big fan of 'Flute Flight '. I understand that the price point is inflated and probably unjustifiable on any objective criteria but I bet most of us treat ourselves to a luxury occasionally that may not be justifiable. This edition of 'Eastern Sounds' happens to be that for me, makes me happy. I'm sorry if it makes others unhappy or annoyed but that's not on me. Which is great. If that's how your enjoying it. I happen to be enjoying it from a different perspective. We're both happy and enjoying what is to me a great album. That doesn't surprise me, you know that I admire your taste in music...all these happy fans of the album, terrific 😀
  10. I haven't read the Koloda but enjoyed the Wilson which was a good overview and I thought pretty well written/translated. Obviously at just 150 pages it's never going to be definitive but certainly gave a flavour of the life and Ayler's contributions to Jazz.
  11. Would like to have seen both of those but especially the second, the idea of Rainey and Taylor together is mouthwatering
  12. Katsuo Kuninaka - Dancing islands [Next Wave, Japan 1981]
  13. Number of times I listened to that as a young teenager and never really listened to the lyrics. Count me as very surprised.
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