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  1. Yes, I passed too. Will no doubt regret it when it's sold out
  2. Just off Essex Road, Hunter's Arms in Southgate Road. M-in-L's local so easy for her. Nice place, good veggie Sunday roast and non veggie menu looked ok. Lots of millennials and younger, we raised average age considerably. Looked kid friendly too. Mulled cider a hit
  3. I was in rain soaked Essex Road too, no Salsa or Xmas tree though 👍
  4. Nils Petter Molvaer & Norwegian Radio Orchestra - Certainty Of Tides
  5. Break A Vase, episode 38 https://www.mixcloud.com/AlexanderHawkinsMusic/break-a-vase-episode-38/
  6. Isaiah Collier - Parallel Universe Lots to like about this on first listen, not least Jimetta Rose
  7. OK, I'm going to wait for an ID now. I have just listened to 'Changes Two' for the first time in years though, so something else good comes out of the BFT!
  8. I've only just come across this post. It's an example of why I keep coming back here, such enthusiasm and passion but also maybe most importantly here, knowledge and a willingness to openly share all of the aforementioned. It made me laugh out loud, definitely not at it but with it, in sheer delight I don't know the Sato album but I am a fan of his and I don't know the Ives either but I'm going to seek them both out now. Thanks @HutchFan First listen and I'd say partially successful. Sometimes Shipp's playing seems a bit heavy handed for Mitchell. Other times the band sound very together though I'll enjoy revisiting
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