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Found 6 results

  1. Another press release for yet another forthcoming Jazz Detective release: I’m so happy to be working with Jazz Detective Zev Feldman on In Perfect Harmony: The Lost Album, previously unheard musical treasure. A studio album from 1972 featuring West Coast trumpet icons Chet Baker and Jack Sheldon, the album will be released via LP on Record Store Day, April 20, 2024 with the CD and downloads to follow on April 26. Recorded in Tustin, California in 1972 with pianist David Frishberg, bassist Joe Mondragon, drummer Nick Ceroli and guitarist Jack Marshall, the recordings were produced by Jack Marshall and Hank Quinn. The tape comes from the personal archives of the legendary film producer Frank Marshall (Jack Marshall's son) – The Last Waltz, the Indiana Jones and Bourne Identity franchises, Gremlins, The Goonies, Back to the Future, Jurassic World, The Color Purple and countless others. Frank Marshall notes, "The tapes got packed away in our garage on Lido and were never released. Until now. After 50 years in storage, we can finally enjoy and celebrate this long, lost gem of an album.” Co-produced by Zev Feldman and Frank Marshall, the all-analog recording is mastered by Matthew Lutthans at the Mastering Lab directly from the original master tape reel and manufactured at Memphis Record Pressing. The limited-edition 180-gram LP edition (and deluxe CD) includes an extensive insert with rare photographs, newly-commissioned liner notes and interviews and testimonials from musicians who were inspired by and knew and played with Chet Baker and Jack Sheldon. I hope you’ll be interested in covering this incredible find or interviewing Frank Marshall or Zev Feldman. The album press release is below. P.S. This is one of a number of albums Zev is releasing for the year’s Record Store Day. You’ll be getting four more emails from us about albums from Art Tatum, Sun Ra, Yusef Lateef, and Mal Waldron/Steve Lacy.
  2. I have taken a departure from my 1950s jazz club research to post some variety to my blog. Recent posts include: Teddy Charles / Dave Brubeck / Chet Baker https://jazzresearch.com/teddy-charles-dave-brubeck-chet-baker/ Hampton Hawes https://jazzresearch.com/hampton-hawes-memorial-by-pete-welding/ Jack Wilson https://jazzresearch.com/jack-wilson/ Shelly's Manne Hole https://jazzresearch.com/shellys-manne-hole-fifth-anniversary/ Jim
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/REEL-TO-REEL-TAPE-2TR-15-Ips-Original-Production-Master-Tape-/224287906730?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292&fbclid=IwAR20JfMxruO4LqGGpiR1B09ZX3JyLlQkcqqgkg8xnySTBEwLH6LfKH0AddM
  4. I have revised and updated research that was originally published in Names & Numbers, No. 82, July 2017. WP fans can view it at: https://jazzresearch.com/world-pacific-1957-new-york-sessions/
  5. I recently updated my review of the various versions of Russ Freeman's "The Wind" that have released by jazz artists around the globe since it was released in 1954 on Chet Baker & Strings, Columbia CL 549. The last version according to Lord's TJD was in 2015 in Japan on Hiroshi Tanaka's Trio Transition. If any members are aware of versions that I have missed I would appreciate hearing from you. I originally assumed that the Slide Hampton version was Freeman's, but recent information on the web credits Hampton with the composition. Here is a link to my post: http://jazzwestcoastresearch.blogspot.com/2017/07/russ-freeman-wind.html
  6. Anybody else hoping this will have some substance and capture Baker on the cusp of his comeback? If it's successful, it will open the door for others: Art Pepper - Laurie Pepper's fear of dramatic license aside - and perhaps, if we are lucky, Hampton Hawes. And as it only concentrates on a specific period of Baker's life, there is still room for a film about that first ill-fated, yet successful tour of Europe with Richard Twardzik and the Barclay sessions in Paris. It sounds all too good to be true, along with the William Burroughs biopic!
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