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Jimmy Smith's Retrospective box


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I don't know what the contents are but the RVGs don't have all of his output for the label, such as the material that appeared in the Mosaic box or his early sessions or his session with Papa Lou, etc. If you have the Grant Green box, you have a flavor of what they're about. I'd have to see what I have vs. what's in the box before making that decision. I did get the Green box and I have a lot of his stuff but it was worth the purchase since it gives you a cross flavor of his work.

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I have most of the material in this box as well, the set would definitely be worth buying if you don't have any material from his first few sessions (especially what's included in the Mosaic set) and to hear remastered versions of the Back At the Chicken Shack/Midnight Special stuff. the tracklist


1. You Get'Cha

2. Preacher, The

3. Champ, The

4. Bayou

5. Judo Mambo

6. Willow Weep For Me

7. Fiddlin' the Minors

8. Well, You Needn't

9. Get Happy

10. Groovy Date


1. Yardbird Suite

2. Summertime

3. All Day Long

4. Duel, The

5. I Can't Get Started

6. Body and Soul

7. Slightly Monkish

8. Blues After All

9. 'Round Midnight


1. Sermon, The

2. Flamingo

3. Hackensack

4. I Got a Woman

5. See See Rider

6. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

7. Sista Rebecca

8. Old Folks


1. Back at the Chicken Shack

2. Minor Chant

3. Midnight Special

4. Jumpin' Blues, The

5. Squeeze Me

6. Ain't No Use

7. Pork Chop

8. Can Heat

9. Come Rain or Shine

10. Prayer Meetin'

11. Fungii Mama

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Anybody pick this up yet? I did. Some of his earlier stuff I don't have and it's a pleasure to listen to. The liner notes by Bob Blumenthal are similar to the Grant Green box in presentation and are nice. Even if you have a lot of his cds like I do, getting a cross section in one place isn't a bad thing.

Sound is good.

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