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  1. This interview was really moving, the gentle life reflection, and his playing with one hand who was incredible.
  2. I think the Mizell Brothers work is what it is... this album is just a refreshing change of pace. I can't see myself getting too many of their sessions either but I sort of try to listen for what they are. This album is a fun listen.
  3. Not only that but Donald Byrd represented something that a lot of other jazz musicians didn't necessarily, he was more than a musician, a renaissance man who took the opportunities to expand himself using what was available to him. Cornel West, Dr. Claud Anderson and countless others I probably am not aware of are examples of this. And given that I am half Black myself it's only appropriate to capitalize. Maybe i hung around the Lenny White orbit a bit too long (I no longer do- still love the guy's music) but there was a definite pro Black bias, in his Zoom group... there are experiences he's had as a player and as a person I can't imagine
  4. I would be interested to hear this for sure, but wow that description from Barry Ulanov, in today's lense would not fly. Shirley could play, period. It's the time it was written but wow it's pretty cringe that description
  5. I sampled a few tracks streaming. And actually, my friend got it for me for Christmas and I cheated, opened and played it and it's quite good. Surprisingly so. "Kwame" is my favorite cut. Have any of these Byrd originals presented here circulated before? Now the question is if they will reissue the Hutcherson, Foster and other associated titles physically so new audiences can check them out? Might have to write up on this one
  6. CJ Shearn

    Mick Goodrick

    Terrible. Streaming In the Same Breath with Dave Liebman and Wolfgang Muthspiel now
  7. Beware, some albums that are marked HD I have found to be upsampled MP3's, of things I had in my pre fire collection like Earland Intensity I found sounded like badly encoded MP3. I have a contact there and complained, and things have been corrected.
  8. I love Blu Ray Audio for music, I wish more albums would be issued in the format. I have the capacity to play both SACD and Blu Ray both with my system's Sony Universal player. I only have 2 of the Blu Ray Audio, The Alan Parsons' Project's Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Ammonia Avenue. Tales of Mystery and Imagination sounds STUNNING! Only way to relatively easily get the original 1976 mix which is what I grew up on, and it has the 87 remix which I don't like, but it's rich and dynamic. The MoFi CD is so expensive. Also the Tales blu ray is not compressed to shit like the Deluxe Edition from the 00's. To me, SACD and Blu Ray Audio sound very different, neither one is worse than the other, I'm happy to have both, and can hear the benefits of both.
  9. Absolutely. My comment criticizing the "Jolene" on Herndon's YouTube cover was deleted so says everything I need to know about that.
  10. Exactly and I think people will always listen to music made by real musicians and I need to edit my piece to reflect that, I didn't mean to imply younger audiences won't listen to human made music, but the fact people are moved by AI generated music is fascinating to me because for me, its devoid of emotion. Thanks again. BTW, does anyone remember that Dozo thing I mentioned in the article as a precursor to all this when it was shown in real time in 1989? I never saw it until 15 years ago and that bizarre long necked CGI singer image stayed with me.
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