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Houston Person Quartet

CJ Shearn

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Just got back from seeing Houston's quartet which included Stan Hope on piano, Per-ola Gadd on bass and Chip White on drums. Very good show, the concert featured a very nice "Trieste" by Jobim with hard driving rhythms by White, a burning "Lester Leaps In", "So What" with a nice bass feature for Gadd, also a nice "My Funny Valentine" too, very pretty. After the gig went backstage and chatted with Chip and Houston, saw him last semester so he remembered me :) gave me a copy of his new one, he gave all of us in the Harpur Jazz Project some free discs, very cool.

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yeah, it was a very nice show indeed. They also did a great "I'll Remember April" with White soloing with mallets to begin, he did a lot of pitch bending on toms too.... I said his solo reminded me of Elvin and Tony, and he told me he studied with Alan Dawson, pretty cool. Theres a jazz club opening up in November in Johnson City (where I live) over on Main St, by a drummer named Joe Roma. I've been talking to him about maybe getting a job in some capacity there when I graduate. To start he plans on having it open Friday and Saturday nights from 6-12, and have a primary focus on a variety of different groups and settings. It'll be interesting to see how the club does, maybe some bigger names could be brought in, in time. Wow that Zora avatar is soooo cute :) are you going to teach her how to play the Hammond when she gets older? the world could definitely use another Alfredson on organ.

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