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Aha - Wroughton. I know the place.

Swindon is a place that has changed enormously over the past 25 years and not for the better. Urban sprawl at its worst. I guess your recollections were before the rot began. I used to visit a lot around 15-20 years ago and I'm quite shocked at the changes that have taken place over that time.

So much for progress.. ;)

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As is generally the case, my affection for the place is probably more connected with the people I knew and the fact I was there in those crucial years when you first get your independence.

I tend to associate the place with those rolling Wiltshire hills rather than the concrete town itself. I've passed through a few times in recent years; probably as ugly as Basingstoke and yet...

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Another superb Jazz on 3 on Friday 21st January.

Joel Harrison

Friday 21 January 2005 23:30-1:00 (Radio 3)

Jez Nelson presents a concert by American singer and guitarist Joel Harrison. Just as influenced by Johnny Cash as John Coltrane, his music presents an intriguing mixture of country and western with downtown New York jazz, with the multi-million selling Norah Jones a former band member.

His current band is Gary Versace on hammond organ, Dan Weiss on drums, and the noted alto saxophonist David Binney.

I'd seen the CD widely promoted on the back of the Norah Jones connection and assumed it to be some sort of cash-in.

Anyway, the concert is Jones-less and a very powerful performance indeed. The tunes are all based on country classics like 'Shady Grove' and 'Witchita Linesman' but all zoom pretty quickly into an area that reminds me of Tony Williams' Lifetime.

I've known Binney for a while; his playing here makes me want to hear some more of him. The other players are also outstanding.

First heard bits of it on Friday night - as always I can't keep awake at its broadcast time (11.30-1.00) so end up dozing and then coming to in the middle of some astounding music before drifting off again. Played it online this morning and enjoyed it hugely.

The organ fans here might want to give it a listen.

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