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"Boppin' in Beantown" this week on Night Lights

ghost of miles

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This week on Night Lights it's jazz from late-1940s/early-1950s Boston, featuring alto saxophonist Charlie Mariano, pianist and arranger Nat Pierce, and baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff. The Boston scene was a thriving one, enhanced in part by the presence of the Boston Conservatory of Music, which stood out for its acceptance of black musicians (Sam Rivers and Gigi Gryce were among the artists who studied there--I highly recommend checking out Mike Fitzgerald's Gryce bio RAT RACE BLUES for its portrayal of the Boston music scene during this era). We'll hear selections from CHARLIE MARIANO AND THE BOSTON ALL-STARS, Nat Pierce's BOSTON BUSTOUT, and Serge Chaloff's BOSTON 1950, in addition to some sides from Chaloff's collected works on the Mosaic label (a future show will focus on Chaloff exclusively). The program airs at 11:05 Saturday night (8:05 California time, 10:05 Chicago time) on WFIU; you can listen live here or (by Monday afternoon) in the Night Lights archives.

(Note: this show is in place of the previously-announced program about Dick Twardzik, a pianist from Boston. Jack Chambers' forthcoming biography of Twardzik has been delayed until late-spring or early-summer; the Twardzik program will air sometime in late summer.)

Next week: "But I Was Cool: the Early-1960s Recordings of Oscar Brown Jr."

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thanks for the night lights link. i'm going to enjoy listening to their archived shows. to your knowledge, are there any other jazz radio programs archived on the web?


Full disclosure--I'm the host/producer of Night Lights, just so you know where to aim the barbed remarks, should the program displease you. ^_^ I think more & more stations are archiving programs--WGBH out of Boston is archiving some of their regular programs such as "Jazz From Studio 4" and "Jazz With Eric in the Evening" here. WBGO has archived interviews online, but I couldn't find any programs archived there. Other posters can probably hip you to other sources; much discussion about Jazz on 3 in this very forum, though I think their broadcasts are kept online for only a week.

I'm taking over WFIU's weekly big-band program starting this week, and that will be archived online at our site as well.

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Hey GOM,

Just wanted to let you know the link to the playlist for the Boppin' in Beantown show is pointing to the Don Pullen / George Adams show you did.

Just a friendly fyi :)

Here's the correct link for anyone who wants to jump off right from here.

BTW I enjoy your show very much.


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