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John Scofield - Works for me

king ubu

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the line up looks great, I love the players, it's one of the last recording dates of the great Billy Higgins...

yet after several times trying to dig this one, I don't. Is this my feeling only? How do others like this record?


I agree about the impressive musician line-up. Scofield usually plays with the best. I'm just tired of the direction John's been pursuing for the last several projects. I've heard that jazz radio is getting a little disenchanted with it too.

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I got this one shortly after it came out, as a promo from a buddy of mine who works at a record store.

I gave it a few spins, thought it was "OK", but haven't heard it since - nor had any great urge to hear it again.

I seem to remember that it was solid enough, I guess - but certainly nothing that really sparked my interest.

Had the feel of a one-time "all-star" date, with guys who hadn't played together much, or at least from what I remember...

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Agree with Rooster's comments. I'd give this one an "OK" rating also. It certainly doesn't have much fire, or the enthusiasm that I've come to expect from most of Sco's work. The lineup is stellar, which makes it all the more a shame.

I wish he'd road-tested this band for a while before going into the studio, though I can imagine it would've been cost-prohibitive. It might've gotten the tunes into a groove that they lack.

I saw Sco live just before this album came out, and he played a few of the songs with his überjam band, and they sounded great! It might be interesting if Sco worked up some more "traditional" styled music, and took the überjam band into the studio to record it.

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This was the same with me. After initial listening, I thought it to be "ok", too. But then, when I sort of forced myself to listen to it again (last time right before starting this thread), I found I don't really like it...

Glad to know it's not my particular problem.


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