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  1. Yes - Union 30 Live 4 lp (my 4th lp is clear, not yellow, for some reason)
  2. I'd like some parts, please. Italian Market, Philadelphia 12/31/22
  3. Charlie's a remarkable musician. Here are some pics of him at 14 years old when he played lead guitar for Joe Ely.
  4. Heads up for anyone interested, Barnes & Noble is having their annual 50% off all hardback books sale today (and yesterday). Applies to all brick & mortar locations, not sure about online. Picked up three books, wife picked up four more. Almost grabbed the Bill Frisell Beautiful Dreamer book, but despite loving his music, I'm not sure how interesting a book about him would be.
  5. I've always liked Joe Ely's version of that song.
  6. Another article out today about the various balls used in MLB 2022. https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2022/12/14/23507579/mlb-multiple-different-baseballs-again-2022-yankees-postseason-goldilocks-manfred-gambling-scandal?fbclid=IwAR0ok29TGN47r7qfB29ZCDngpY5WNgvH8Xx6ooGP5azU5LuNkp9906AtD_c So in addition to helping Aaron Judge achieve the MLB record for HRs (which potentially helped him receive a $360M contact as well), those balls may have helped the Yankees during the leadup to the playoffs, for seeding. I'm not a fan of cheating or favoritism, so this kind of stinks.
  7. This season was a blast as a new(ish) Philie fan! We went to the NLCS game 5, where Harper hit the huge HR to beat the Padres and get into the World Series, it was an amazing experience. Then went to WS game 5, also incredible, but not as good an outcome for the Phillies. I'm excited about the coming season! On another subject, here's something interesting: https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-reportedly-used-three-baseballs-during-2022-season-and-yankees-may-have-benefitted-the-most-171038470.html Apparently there were 3 different baseballs used in the 2022 season. Mostly "dead" balls, but the NYY got juiced, livelier balls that travelled further, especially when it became apparent that Judge might break Roger Maris' HR record. If trash can banging tainted the Astros 2017 championship, I wonder if this in any way taints Judge's record? It's interesting that MLB also embraced sports betting a couple of years ago - I wonder what type of direct financial benefit MLB received from gambling, from things like records being broken.
  8. Phillies picked up Trea Turner, 11 years $300M. Since they let Jean Segura go, the assumption is Bryson Stott moves over to play 2B to allow Turner to play SS. And Turner should be the leadoff batter. Nice addition to the lineup. They also signed RHP Taijuan Walker, 4 years $72M and LHP Matt Strahm. Will be interesting to see how they perform for the first half of the season, with Bryce Harper expected to be out after having Tommy John surgery last month.
  9. He wasn't on the hook because he retired immediately after the Astros won the WS in 2017. The scandal didn't break until 2019, so he was long retired by then. But he was the main instigator of the trash-can banging and was the only Astros player named in the Commissioner's report. In Nov '19 he was hired to be the Mets' manager, but 2 months later he and the Mets "parted ways" because of his role in the cheating scandal.
  10. Board members I've met: Jazzbo, Shawn, Big Al, Rooster Ties, Vajerzy, RDK, Sidewinder, Soulstream, David Weiss, BFrank, Pete C, and possibly some others who's names are eluding me. BTW, there's an existing thread with this exact same topic -
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