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Moutin Reunion Quartet


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Any thoughts? I have had this in my car for a few days now. I like their approach. Nothing new. It just swings really hard. Margitza has been long forgotten by anyone who bought his Blue Note stuff including Blue Note itself, but the guy has some serious chops/ideas. And he doesn't always sound like Brecker on this one.

Also this pianist is ridiculous. I saw them at the JazzWeek Conference in Syracuse. They do this song where the trio is just cookin at some ridiculous tempo in like 7 or 12 or something and Margitza's tenor comes in just swingin' like simple and somehow the sounds just meld immediately. Its some kind of crazy polyrhythmic thing where two totally different things meet on the other side. Also, Francois took the sickest bass solo I've ever seen at that concert in Syracuse. And Louis drums REALLY QUIETLY BUT WITH SUCH PANACHE. It's really quite something.

I recommend all your DC folks go see them on the Mall next weekend at the inaugural Washington DC Duke Ellington Jazz Festival. Also appearing are Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band, Wayne Shorter's quartet and Brubeck.

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The Moutin Reunion Quartet is one of the best group to have appeared in recent years on the French jazz scene. Have not checked their 'Something Like Now' album yet but their previous release 'Red Moon' was terrific. And their label Nocturne issued this on vinyl along with the CD.

Samples of their albums can be heard on their site:


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