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  1. I've been trying to pin down exactly when I saw Wayne in concert. I saw him twice in the late 80s at Edinburgh's Queenshall and then "recently" at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. I say recently but found on googling it that it was twenty years ago in 2003 ! One of the late 80s dates was April 1988. I found online a concert promotion flyer that reminded me that twenty days after seeing Wayne Shorter I saw Sonny Rollins, both in Edinburgh. Talk about tenor titans...
  2. That’s a good point about Spotify. I have toyed with giving them away to a local charity shop but that really just passes my moral problem to someone else!
  3. I'm still struggling with what to do with the Outernationals I have already bought. It sticks in the throat inadvertently buying bootlegs. These do however sound good and are well pressed ( despite the claims that they are sourced from MP3 files). I recall chatting with someone at HonJons in Kingscross and I didn't get the faintest whiff of these alleged dodgy practices. Hmm...something to ponder on.
  4. Oh that's not good news. I hate being duped but I've got six of these boots. Not happy
  5. An absolute titan. His music is forever new. Thanks
  6. Sad news , another giant gone.
  7. Olie Brice------Trio/Octet Fire Hills-------(West Hill Records) New double CD from one of our number. Great sound from Alex Bonney. First spin of the trio disc suggests this'll be one to return to.
  8. There is significant overlap with the Austrian CDs. Both the recent LP sets and the older CDs have sessions not present on the other as I recall. The sound of the LP sets from Wallen Bink is really good.
  9. Sam Records curate some really fine releases. Very much looking forward to that
  10. Not yet . The parcel doesn’t appear to passed through customs but I’m wary of celebrating as in the past I’ve received requests from the carrier (DHL as I recall) to pay up. Interestingly the declared value of the set was set at $150 whereas to date Mosaics have had a declared value of around $30. Despite Brexit it’s probably time to switch to Jazzmessengers for my mosaic sets. It’s a pity as I’ve always wanted to support Mosaic directly.
  11. Mine arrived out of the blue this morning. I'd only heard yesterday that it was in transit (generic email from Fred apologising that tracking numbers wouldn't work). I'd not received any tracking number or any email from Mosaic confirming my purchase. I was pretty relaxed as things usually work out but Mosaic's system seems not to be working so well. Luckily Fred is quick to respond but I'd rather not bother him and risk appearing too paranoid about lost orders etc. Anyway enjoying disc one. I've a couple of B&W 78s somewhere but neither sound as good as the transfers here.
  12. The 1968 set arrived a few days ago. Sound is excellent and CT seems on fine form. I'm not enough of an CT aficionado to know where it might sit in his solo oeuvre but I liked what I heard first time around.
  13. I ended up getting the LP from an eBay seller a few weeks after release here in the UK for list price. It took ages to arrive and I was convinced it was a scam but a bona fide Tyler set arrived in immaculate condition. The music was all new to me and is just wonderful. The weird bits (Mary Parks) make sense when heard in the context of the concert program. Love it.
  14. I think only Intervall was issued in his life time. The self titled album on EMI/Odeon was issued posthumously. His compositions were revived by a group call Sister Maj's Blouse - which has Joakim Milder on tenor sax, Bobo Stenson , Fredrik Noren and Palle Danielsson- two or three CDs were issued
  15. I keep working strength solution of L'art du Son in the fridge because it has developed cloudiness in the past. I go through very slowly these days as I'm not buying much used vinyl so the fridge keeps the solution clear.
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