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  1. Clearly jazz aficionados are able to confront their own mortality. My wife has "encouraged" me to downsize my collection of LPs , 78s and CDs. I sell some stuff on Discogs and to a dealer friend. I've long since got rid of junk and slimmed my 78s down to about five hundred. I will only sell stuff on Discogs that is in excellent condition as I don't want to deal with complaints from buyers who allergic to the odd bit of surface noise. The majority of CDs/LPs in the departure lounge however go to a charity shop for the local hospice. My other vice is darkroom photography, specifically film cameras of which I have very many. All vital of course and get used at least once a year. So basically my detritus spreads everywhere, hence I'm receptive to the requests to limit things..
  2. Clunky

    Going Mono....

    My old Sugden amp had a mono button. A CD copy of Miles' Walkin' became mostly inaudible when the mon button was pressed. I presume the two channels were out of phase and cancelled each other out when combined. I no longer have that amp or the CD
  3. Sad news. Dragon was a great source of early modern Swedish jazz. The run of LPs and CDs covering Lars Guilin are just excellent.
  4. Sad news. He produced some great music.
  5. For me it'd have to be jazz+ humour= Han Bennink ( with the Eric Boeren quartet) in a small basement club with a small but appreciative audience.
  6. I've been enjoying Celebration - with Hamid Drake (Intakt) It sounds like the two of them are having a lot of fun on this live set from 2019.
  7. Intakt's cover art hasn't ever bothered me. They all have an easily identifiable style yet aren't as generic and easily confused as say Rogue Art or Ezz-thetics covers. Music on the other hand is top drawer..
  8. I got this along with a whole bunch of Black Saint, Soul Note, Enja etc LPs in the early 90s at £1.99 each !
  9. Bob Feldman -----Triplicity-------(One note) I don't know anything about the leader. As I recall this disc was recommended in these parts on his passing. This is a fine set.
  10. Clunky

    Joe McPhee

    I dug out my copy of BMM and gave it a spin. I have to say I really like it...perhaps its just me
  11. Sonny Rollins-----Live in London Vol. 1----------(Harkit) 2006 (unauthorised??) issue of January 1965 date at Ronnie Scott's. The sound is better than I remembered . Sound is well balanced but high end sounds a bit blunted ( noise reduction ?) It and Vol 2 are very listenable , Newk is in fine form aided and abetted by Stan Tracey (p) Rick Laird (b) and Ronnie Stephenson (d)
  12. listening now. If it's a needle drop then it isn't obvious to me. I haven't heard the original LPs but these transfers sound more than good enough
  13. His two JVC releases from 1995 and 1997 are sublime _ A view from the side and Brilliant Corners. The Monk album is well worth a listen.
  14. This is great news but probably not for me. I have all the sessions on disc and /or LP. The alternates and one unreleased track would be nice but not worth the outlay. It's given me an excuse to end my Rollins binge and dig out my Bobby H collection and do some deep listening. Marvellous music.
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