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  1. Latest arrival from Newcastle John Pope——Citrintas——-(New jazz & improvised music recordings) Not sure what prompted buying this other than hearing some nice sounding clips on Bandcamp. It’s a soulful quintet ( no piano or guitar) . Grooves nicely and makes a good first impression. Hope that doesn’t sound like feint praise as the music strikes me as accessible but still adventurous. Any one else heard of this group.
  2. Sad news. His recordings are as numerous as they are wonderful. His duets with Jan Johansson are particularly fine. About a decade ago ACT released some JJ broadcasts which included the two musicians performing material from the famous "Jazz På Svenska" recordings.
  3. Re-organising my vinyl I thought I'd somehow lost this.....but found it hiding ( under V for various) with both my copies Anthony Williams' BN releases (NY mono) Tony Oxley ---------Ichnos-----(RCA) 1971
  4. I took a chance on this relatively recent release on Discus. It's as good as the samples on Bandcamp would suggest. I'm not familiar to any of the musicians on this release. The leader plays the trumpet. A modern version of Bubber Miley with lots of lovely growling and fluttering sounds. Very convincing effort. Charlotte Keefe----Alive! in the studio ----(Discus)
  5. My favourite tune. Fell in love with it on the quintet on “Seagulls of..”
  6. I just gave that a spin. What about the Dragon LP of some of the Swedish material ?
  7. I'm a bit behind the curve. Mr Ottaviano I think has a new one out but when I went looking I only came across this duet with our man in Oxford. Released in 2022, I recall looking to get it in the UK without success at the time. It's a beautiful love letter to Mingus covering only his compositions.
  8. I listened to a clip the other day then got completely side tracked looking up Rachel Musson as she was a new name to me. That lead to other things and forgetting about the new disc. Corrected now- ordered
  9. Fine album. I have the same issue which isn't as iffy as other CBS pressings from that time. I was passing an Oxfam charity shop probably a decade ago and saw it in the window. Needless to say I parked up..
  10. Listening to this rhapsodic duet. Mr Hawkins has recorded quite a number of duet albums to date. This has a real delicacy with intricate and rather beautiful lines from piano and flute.
  11. Usually from Presto music (UK based)- they can be a little slow though to get new releases. Shamefully this one came from Amazon
  12. Always partial to the Intakt imprint this one slipped my notice , mainly on account of not recognising any of the protagonists. My error was corrected by scanning a few end of year lists on Freejazzblog where this issue by Anna Webber featured. Very fine music indeed Anna Webber ---Shimmer Wince----(Intakt CD 407/2023)
  13. Now playing. Super fast service from Honest Jon’s. Beautifully produced music in all ways possible
  14. I've succumbed and just order this, damn you......
  15. The Conversation (OST) Trunk - a very listenable soundtrack
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