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AOTW December 18-24


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Alright, gonna revive one more AOTW, then I'm going to bed.

I've never been able to warm up to this album, and I blame the title track for that. Though I've tried many times to make it through this whole album, the title track wears me down and I just give up.

About a week or so ago, I checked it out from the public library (AGAIN!) and forced myself to listen to the title track. Well, this time I finally made it. And I can say without reservation that I still can't warm up to this album. I can dig that the title track is supposed to be completely spontaneous, and it does have its moments. But on the whole, I'd rather spend 23 minutes listening to something else.

(Off-subject, I coulda swore I posted in this thread when it originally came up. I wonder how many other AOTW threads have a post by me that say "Will post more later," and then I never actually do!)

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