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Mel Tormé Bethlehem questions...

king ubu

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Anyone can help me with some of the following?

- It's a Blue World: date(s) of recording? Any info available concerning personnel?

- At the Crescendo/Songs for any Taste: were they both recorded on one and the same evening?

Then "Songs of NY" (Atlantic): anyone knows the year or date of recording? And personnel?

thanks for any help!


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It's a Blue World

Torme with unknown large orchestra

Al Pelligrini director Al Hendrickson guitar

NY Aug 28,29,30 1955

Songs for My Taste

Howard McGhee tpt, Ralph Sharon pno, Max Bennett bs, Stan Levey drms

Pat Moran Quartet vcls

Russ Garcia arranger

Crescendo Hollywood May 8 1956

At the Crescendo

Don Fagerquist tpt, Larry Bunker vs, accordion. bgo, Marty Paich pno. Max Bennett bs, Mel Lewis drms

Hollywood Feb 22 1957

New York

Unknown personel

arrangers Dick Hazard, John Williams, Shorty Rogers

Los Angeles Dec 2, 4, 7 1963

all via Tom Lord

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thanks, PD - but you you haven't been there? :P


Songs for my (any?) taste: the personnel you give is just for one selection - which is taken from the Bethlehem "Porgy & Bess" recordings. All other tracks have the same personnel as "At the Crescendo", and in the new liners (of the Avenue/Bethlehem reissue) of one of the two, it says they stem from the same gig. So my question: same night or not?

Thanks a lot!


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Ubu, P.D. gave you the details for the 'Songs for Any Taste' Bethlehem album which

was recorded at the Crescendo in LA on May 8, 1956. The title 'I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'

from this album was also included in the 'Porgy and Bess' Bethlehem box.

The other Mel Torme album 'Mel Torme at the Crescendo' (the one with Don Fagerquist

on trumpet) was recorded on February 22, 1957 at the Crescendo.

Torme made another album at the Crescendo:

'Gene Norman' presents Mel Torme 'Live' at the Crescendo'. This one was made for

Coral and recorded on December 15, 1954.

One tune from that Coral album 'Mountain Greenery' turned out to be a hit for Torme.

He was signed by Bethlehem shortly after.

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thanks for clarifying, brownie!

sorry, PDEE!

the strange thing is: in the new liners of the Avenue/Rhino reissue of "Songs For Any Taste", it's stated that

During an engagement at the Crescendo in February of 1957, Bethlehem captured enough live material to fill out two separate albums. The first release was entitled simply "Live at the Crescendo". The follow-up, gathering the remaining tracks, was "Songs For Any Taste", the collection you are holding now.

But as those (otherwise very nice) Avenue/Rhino reissues of Bethlehem stuff do not have any recording dates included, this seem to be wrong, I guess! The personnel, however is: Don Fagerquist, t; Marty Paich, p; Max Bennett, b; Larry Bunker, acc/vib/bgo; Mel Lewis, d.

I do have the CD reissue (with quite a lot of additional material) of the Gene Norman album, too.

Thanks again.

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