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I'm sure I'd read about this elsewhere before, but thanks for the heads up.

I strongly recommend the first issue of Jazz Review they have put in searchable pdfs, with a promise to make more issues available.

The contents:

Sonny Rollins and the Challenge of Thematic Improvisation by Gunther Schuller 6

Walter Page's Story as told to Frank Driggs 12

The Negro Church: Its Influence on Modern Jazz, I by Mimi Clar 16

Missing Moderns by Martin Williams 19

A View of Criticism by William Russo 20

Reviews: Recordings

-Thelonious Monk by Gunther Schuller 22

-Miles Davis by Dick Katz 28

-Billie Holiday by Glenn Coulter 31

-Langston Hughes by Glenn Coulter 33

-John Lewis by Bob Brookmeyer 33

-Miles Davis by Bob Brookmeyer 34

-Jimmy Giuffre 3 by George Russell 35

-Horace Silver by Bill Crow 35

-King Oliver by Larry Gushee 36

-Sonny Rollins by Art Farmer 37

-Jelly Roll Morton by Guy Waterman 38

-The Great Blues Singers, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Jimmy Rushing, Muddy Watters, Little Walter by Hsio Wen Shih 39

Reviews: Books

-John Clellon Holmes' The Horn by Orrin Keepnews 42

-Shapiro—Hentoff The Jazz Makers by Glenn Coulter 43

-Ralph Gleason's Jam Session by Orrin Keepnews 44

-Barry Ulanov's Handbook of Jazz by Benny Green 44

-Hugues Panassie's Discographie Critique Des Meilleurs Disques de Jazz by N . H . 45

Reconsiderations 1 (Jelly Roll Morton and Fats Waller) by M . W. 46

The Blues 46

Jazz in Print by Nat Hentoff 47


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