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While doing a search I stumbled onto this.


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I sent Joe Christmas a few post cards from wherever I was working (mostly in Africa) back in the day.  I wish I still had contact info.  Alas.   FatsNavarroFanatic I must get back in touch with. 

I met three BNBB / Organissimo members in NY when I was at the U.N.     The only one that I remember by name is....Deep.  "skeith" seems like maybe (?)   One guy I left a CD for in a newspaper rack on my way outta town.  Good memories, except for the part about forgetting the names.

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I was a latecomer to the BNBB, just a few months before the blow up. But happy it served as a trampoline to join this forum. This was the place to be... and still IS!!!

Many, many names have disappeared throughout these 17 years (P.D., marcoliv, mmilovan... those were good friends back in the day. I even met and had dinner with marcoliv here in Madrid, many moons ago. With mmilovan I have just got in touch again...).

Great contributions along the way, hopefully many more to come.

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39 minutes ago, Dave James said:

I'd give my left you know what to have access to the Aric Effron (chewy-chew-chew-bean-benitez) recounting of his phone call with Lou Donaldson.  All-time great stuff.   

A classic. 

As if by magic - on page 3 of this..Lou’s Sammich

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