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BFT 132 Discussion Thread

Tom in RI

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Hi Tom,
a really busy month with a tax form to fill in among other things. (sigh) Here are the rest of my answers finally. (Well, not that many but the ones I have been able to come up with along with my impressions.)
01. I like the theme. Have no clue who it is, but it reminds me a bit of Bill Frisell. It probably won’t be him, haven’t been able to find it on his repertoire.

02. a touch of Dixie. Song: Shaking the Blues Away – composer Irving Berlin. Merry tune, nice! No clue for the artist though.

03. song: St Thomas, composer Sony Rollins. No clue.

04. Theme sounds familiar, no clue though.

05. see my previous posting. I love the Latin, a soft spot of mine. I didn't get the album yet, but have noted it on my wishlist.

06. Alan Dawson – album Waltzin’ with Flo – song – Penta Blues – composer Alan Dawson. drums – Alan Dawson, bass – Ray Drummon, piano – James Williams or Donald Brown, tenor Billy Pierce or Andy McGhee, (trumpet, flugelhorn - Bill Mobley) Recorded at December 13, 1992 Really nice! What a lovely album title btw.

07. I really like this one too. The theme sounds familiar, but I can’t come up with a title.

08. Beautiful piano intro. Nice theme. I really like this one. No clue for this one either.

09. I think this is a standard, but I can’t come up with the title.

10. Another one I really have no idea about.

11. John Swana & The Philadelphians ft Bootsie Barnes and Larry McKenna – Philly Gumbo vol 2 (2005) – song Ortlieb’s – Sidd Simmons - piano, Mike Boone - bass, Byron Landham – drums, John Swana – trumpet, Bootsie Barnes – tenor, Larry McKebba 0 tenor. Recorded at April 29, 2004. Label: Criss Cross 2005
Spicy song, really nice!

I really enjoyed your BFT. Some songs I am really curious about and albums I might get when I can afford it.
Thanks for a lovely listeningbook!
Kind regards, page

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Bunch of Philly guys on 11, I need to go relisten. McKenna is a little-known master. I've been a fan of Simmons since his days with the Grubbs brothers in the early 70's. I've seen all of these musicians locally through the years, Barnes/Simmons/Boone/Landham was the house band for the Mill Creek Jazz Society on Haverford Avenue in West Philly at one point. Page, very impressive performance on your part!

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