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A Slice of the Top

Tim McG

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I'm a big Hank Mobley fan. But was amazed that James Spaulding wasn't given due credit for his flute work on the third tune, "Cute 'n Pretty"

I have to wonder...is that just an oversight or was it something else? I just seems to me that on an album with this type of unique  instrumentation [euphonium, tuba, alto, tenor, trumpet] they would mention the flute player. Especially since he has a couple extended solos on Cute 'n Pretty.

On purpose or an error in print? I mean, was that standard practice back then?


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I don't know.  As far as I can recall, Spaulding played both alto and flute on most sessions he appeared on--and was credited for both.  All I do know for sure is that A Slice of the Top is one hell of a record.



You're right, it is a great recording.

As I told John Litweiler [once I discovered it was he who wrote the liner notes] I just stumbled upon the CD version while digging through the stacks at a local used CD store. 

What a great find!

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