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Horn players on Hendrix' South Saturn Delta


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Anyone know who comprised the horn section overdubbed on Jimi Hendrix' South Saturn Delta?

On the posthumous album of the same name, the booklet has a photo of the session with Hendrix, arranger Larry Fallon, and four unidentified musicians: a tenor saxophonist seen from the rear, an alto sax player side-rear, trombonist with face obscured by microphone, and a spectacle-wearing trumpet player who is probably the most easily-identified (if you knew who he is)

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This link claims "the most unusual feature of the track is an overdubbed brass section of two trumpets and two saxes, arranged by Larry Fallon."


Is "Larry Fallon" any sort of clue here?  Is he perhaps one of the horn-players?

Another idea, post this same question on the Steve Hoffman Forums (with the picture), and see if anybody there knows.  Or maybe collectively they can come up with it (and knowing them, the colors of the baffles in the background, along with the particular combination of styles of microphones and microphone stands -- will all be a dead giveaway to some other clue, which will of course narrow it down considerably).

EDIT:  This link also mentions Larry Fallon as the arranger of the horns...


And this source says they were "four top New York session players" (and also mentions Fallon as the arranger)...


EDIT2: Hell's bells, here's an interview with Larry Fallon about this specific session with Jimi.  Fallon says (down at the bottom), he has no memory of who the horn-players were...


It's a couple pages of interview (and worth reading), but here's the main bit asking about who the players were...

EXPERIENCE HENDRIX: Do you remember whom the four horn players you arranged were?

LARRY FALLON: You know, I don't have the slightest idea. At this point, I don't really know. I hadn't heard that track since 1968 until about maybe a year ago, first time I heard it when I was first given a copy. Which was very upsetting because I really wanted to hear it.


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"four top New York session players" according to a rock music listener.


"...first time I heard it when I was first given a copy. Which was very upsetting because I really wanted to hear it."

most of that version with overdubbed horns was issued about 25 years ago on

and on 

i guess it wasn't upsetting enough for him to actually seek it out.


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On ‎10‎/‎31‎/‎2016 at 1:10 PM, l p said:


Been a good ten years since I first saw this photo, and immediately fell in love with it.  SO cool to see Jimi in this kind of context, mixed in with other musicians like that.  One of my favorite Hendrix pics, and certainly not very well known.  Can't remember where I first saw it (and now I'm wondering).

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