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BFT 165 Reveal


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Putting this out a little early due to weekend schedules for many of us.  Thanks to all who participated or even gave a listen.  Look forward to any further feedback.

1 - Dreams:  "New York City" (from 'Dreams').  Fascinating album that could only have come out ca. 1970, at that intersection between jazz and rock.  Brecker Bros., John Abercrombie, Billy Cobham included in group.

2 - Hadley Caliman - "Cigar Eddie" (from 'Hadley Caliman').  Not a great album, not nearly as good as 'Iapetus' which came next, but I've always liked the compositon (by Hugh Lawson) later called "Jaboobie's March".  I love the Piano Choir version on their Strata-East 'Handscapes' album:  


3 - Nancie Banks - "Mootrane" from 'Bert's Blues".  A nice, though obscure, version of the Woody Shaw classic.  Nancie Banks was the wife of Count Basie veteran Clarence Banks, and a fine arranger/composer/vocalist.  She recorded three albums in the early 90's, all well worth acquiring if you like this cut.

4 - Harold Land - "Dark Mood", an outtake from the great 'A New Shade of Blue' album that Land and Bobby Hutcherson recorded.  Originally released on a fine Mainstream odds-and-ends album called 'Jazz'. now a bonus cut on one of the recent 'A New Shade of Blue' reissues.

5 - Paul Jeffrey - "Minor Scene" from 'Watershed'.  Interesting rhythm section of Jack Wilkins/Richard Davis/Thelonious Sphere Monk.

6 - Irene Kral - "Better Than Anything" from the album of the same name.  Fine, underappreciated vocalist.

7 - Slide Hampton - "In Case of Emergency" from 'Slide Hampton Quartet'.  Outstandling late 60's album with great rhythm section of Joachim Kuhn/NHOP/Philly Joe Jones.

8 - Byard Lancaster - "John's Children" from 'It's Not Up to Us'.  Personnel notably includes Sonny Sharrock and Eric Gravatt.

9 - Jothan Callins - title track from 'Winds of Change'.  Sun Ra veteran recorded this fine, obscure album with the wonderful Joe Bonner, Cecil McBee, Norman Connors rhythm section.

10 - Pentangle - "Waltz", outtake from the 1968 'Sweet Child' album.  Bert Jansch, John Renbourn on guitar.  Incredible vocalist Jacqui McShee is absent on this cut, but was in full flower on "Light Flight", the surprise hit single (used as a theme song to a BBC TV show) that lifted their next album, the great 'Basket of Light', into the British top 5 in 1969.  Give a listen below.

11 - Tim Buckley - "Chase the  Blues Away" from 'Blue Afternoon'.  No one like him in his prime.  This is a great album on the first side alone, and his earlier 'Goodbye and Hello' is my favorite album of all-time.  The gorgeous title track from that magnum opus is one of the ultimate soundtracks from the dreams/delusions of the late 60's.


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As always, you put together an enjoyable and fascinating BFT. I actually listened to Nancie Banks albums a few years ago but somehow failed to remember this track. I found her albums to show evidence of a unique perspective. She should be better known.

i have often read about Pentangle but never heard them before, to my knowledge.

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