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BFT 166 Reveal

Dan Gould

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Round Midnight


Jay McShann – Kansas City Hustle







Piggy Love


Jack Walrath Group –







Someone’s Rockin’ My Jazzboat


Frank Foster’s Living Color – Twelve Shades of Black









Grover Mitchell And His Orchestra – Truckin’




soloists Doug Lawrence, Cecil Bridgewater, Mitchell


Arrangement by Frank Foster – which Thom called “kind of clunky, like a late night TV show band might do.”  Well Frank did do an awful lot of arrangements.


I’ve greatly enjoyed tracking down Mitchell’s big band recordings which are cheap to very cheap on discogs when I found them.






Ode to Billy Joe


Harry Sweets Edison, Seven Eleven




Many versions of this on discogs, here is one with the group info. Excellent early 70s concert with one contemporary tune. Thought it would be interesting to program Jerome Richardson who doesn’t get a lot of attention.





Bag’s Groove


Red Garland, I Left My Heart In San Francisco




Just as with Jerome Richardson, wanted to highlight Leo Wright, another who I don’t think has ever made an appearance in a BFT.





Everything Happens to Me


Horace Parlan – My Little Brown Book 



The alto is Christina Von Bulow and she plays exceptionally thru out. Excellent late Parlan, I didn’t intend to program him but when this arrived in December I knew I had to. I think this was the one track everybody liked so I guess I did well in squeezing it in.





Fuchsia Moods


George Benson – Glenn Tucker




Spoon said “I get the feeling this is a horn player of advanced age. But unbroken by it.” And that’s a pretty good description. Benson, who stayed in Detroit his entire career and recorded but a handful of times, was 86 at the time of this duo recording.



BFT 166-009


Dolo Coker – Track A1 of this:






Now we get to my modulation away from jazz starting with:




Dave Alexander, Track A1 here:




Not sure how he got away without giving a credit to Horace Silver but I would recommend both of his Arhoolie recordings.


From blues vocals over a jazz tune to …





Billy Hawks, “I’ll Wait for You Baby”






A terrible shame that his two LPs never had an OJC reissue, I feel like this guy is the guy with the greatest soul/blues recordings no one knows. There’s one Discogs seller with the CD comp for only $10. Other copies a bit higher …






Let It Roll (Let the Good Times Roll) Parts 1 & 2


George Kelly & Earl Knight 

And now seemingly further away from jazz but not really. George Kelly played jazz thru out his lengthy career, and Earl Knight played with Lucky Thompson in the late 40s. Supposedly. 

So completing our trek away from jazz we use George Kelly’s participation to pivot back to jazz by programming … George Kelly.



BFT 166-013


Slightly Blue


I'm Shootin’ High – Red Richards - George Kelly Quintet 




Maybe if I had posted a hint that someone might have noticed a similarity in tone between the two Kelly tracks.





Hi Fly


Charles Davis Super 80 (Nilva)




Another saxophonist who may have never made it to a BFT. I don’t believe I’ve heard this tune at this tempo and this one was always going to be on this BFT.



Now we get into the guitar section of the BFT and in retrospect maybe I would have done well to delete these, had I known that no one would care much for them and the member I attempted to alert to their presence is hopefully just on a break from the board.





Al & Billy Blues


Billy Butler/Al Casey Guitar Odyssey






Casey is on the left channel, if it matters.







John Collins -  The Incredible John Collins (Nilva)







Chuck mentioned this one in the “Obscure records” thread and I tracked down a copy. I hate “Misty” with a passion but this one works for me. Mileage.






Baby Sweets
Joe Carter III In the Now


I found this CD because it has a track featuring Bubba Brooks and I enjoyed the rest of it too. Unfortunately Carter died in 2016 of cancer. He was only 55.






Now’s the Time/Straight No Chaser


Eddie Harris Live at EJ’s 

My version is the 3/4 Miles release on the A Jazz Hour With label. Here’s a link to Amazon where both discs are available as a download:








 Thanks to all who waded thru this behemoth; should I sign up for another I promise I won't go nearly this long again.


















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I am glad that you included all of it. Wow, I really like Track 3! I wonder if that Frank Foster album has ever been issued in any format other than LP, since I am without a turntable.

Grover Mitchell! I enjoyed seeing him leading the Basie band right after Frank Foster stopped leading it. Our local newspaper commented on his “acerbic” remarks between songs. I had never heard any of the albums under his name as leader. This one was really good.

i had never heard of Christina Van Bulow. I like her playing here.


That last song was Eddie Harris! I never would have guessed that.

i really like all of the blues and guitar songs, all of which were unfamiliar to me. I am glad that you included them.

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