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Ditching the receiver


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Since the pandemic, I have been spending more time listening to LPs and CDs at home, and not content to leave things alone, I decided to upgrade.

i bought a Sonamp dedicated amp and a Adcom preamp, and a Schiit phono pre. I am amazed at the improvement in audio quality. My turntable is a Technics SL1200 mk 2 with a moderately priced cartridge. 

I'm not so inclined to go full tilt audiophile by buying tube gear, etc but this was an expense I don't regret making.

I also invested in an inexpensive record cleaner.

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I upgraded my PC speakers to Klipsch R-41PM monitors. I don't know about "audiophile", but they sound a lot better to my ears than the PC speakers that came with a recent Dell PC purchase. I should've done this a while ago but until I was forced to sit and listen to them for hours, it wasn't a priority. :)

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