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Joe Pass, Hotel Four Queens, Las Vegas 12-22-1988

Ken Dryden

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Joe Pass performed three solo sets in the French Quarter Room of the Hotel Four Queens, Las Vegas. Selections were aired one time only from these sets on Four Queens Jazz Night From Las Vegas. Brian Sanders, who engineered the show, told me that Pass was a bit difficult and insisted on being given the master tape after it aired, so it was not rebroadcast. Hi Hat bootlegged this broadcast, but the uploaded copy is from the satellite feed to our station. 

I'm not sure, but I may have edited out the annoying host, Alan Grant, who always sounded like he was trying to be too hip and cool. 



Here is the playlist: 

Come Rain Or Come Shine
All The Things You Are
Beautiful Love
Joy Spring
I Concentrate On You
Daquilo Que Eu Sei
When You Wish Upon A Star
Mack The Knife

Here is the link to an article that I wrote about this broadcast:


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Thanks for the link and good review, Ken. I found his playing much more refined and less frenzied than his Virtuoso recordings, especially that lousy first one where he played an electric hollow body guitar into a mic without also using an amp or plugging into the board. He also let the time go, to the extent that you couldn't tell where he was in the tune on most of his improvisations.

When I was in grad. school some idiot student thought he was helping the rep of jazz guitar by loaning the classical guitar teacher that album. The teacher hated Pass' playing so much on that album that,he let out a string of curses in a violent tone of voice to describe it. I made a mental note, "don't loan any jazz guitar albums to this boy..."

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