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SLAM Productions Sale


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I've not been on here for ages but thought I'd pass this on since there might be a few here with adventurous ears looking for a CD bargain. I received the email below and thought some here might have some interest.

I have no connection to Slam or George Haslam but I really like the Mal Waldron albums I've bought particularily the one with Steve Lacy "Let's call this .... Esteem", and the duets with Max Roach


"SLAM released its final CD in 2021, leaving us with a surplus supply of earlier releases. We have over 90% of SLAM releases in stock and are offering these to collectors at a minimal rate. 
The prices are:
For 25 CDs, including delivery, £50 UK, £60 EU, £90 USA/Rest of the world.
For 10 CDs, including delivery, £30 UK, £40 EU, £50 USA/Rest of the world.

How to order :-  Visit our catalogue at http://www.slamproductions.net/menus/main.asp?PN=catalogue
Make your selections and email to us at slamprods@aol.com
We will confirm whether the CDs are in stock and send you invoice.


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Thanks for the heads up! So many great titles on this label. A few favorites beyond what you listed:

Elton Dean Qt w/ Roswell Rudd - Rumours of an Incident

Elton Dean/Howard Riley Quartet

Zaum - Above Our Heads The Sky Split Open…

Paul Dunmall - Quartet & Sextet/Babu Trio

Paul Dunmall - Peace & Joy

Paul Dunmall/Tony Bianco - several Coltrane discs

John Law - Exploded on Impact

Joe McPhee/Paul Hession - A Parallax View

Unsolicited Music Ensemble - Bulbs

ARC - Out of Amber

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I second Colin's recommendations (well, I don't like Dunmall that much). Good label, although the sound on many releases is not the best (but not horrible either). I would recommend Haslam's recordings where he plays tárogató, he really mastered this gorgeous instrument. 

Many (all?) SLAM releases are available on Spotify.   

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