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Joe Albany resources?

Jack Pine

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13 hours ago, AllenLowe said:

I understand. I guess we have to realize that Haig was about 23 years old (born in 1922; apparently he changed the date later on) and this music was such a racial kind of reorganization. He told me that Dizzy showed him how to voice chords for the new music.

it won't let me correct the above, "racial" should have been "radical" - spellcheck crap, sorry. Anyone else here find themselves unable to edit text?

I must say, that my critical comments are also self critical, because that´s how I sounded when I had my first gigs at the age from 18-21 years. I listened to the tapes back and was not satisfied, I found it has that "edge" in it, it does´t sound like that fantastic lines Bird or Bud would produce. I played let´s say "Bouncing with Bud" with a name saxophonist plus bass and drums, a great honour to be on stage with him, and after some gigs he told me: I generally like your playing, you got good ideas but you should work a little more on the phrasing. "Bouncin´with Bud".....I mean you know what "Bouncin´ " means ? And he was damn right.....

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