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Nica´s Dream !


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Hello Friends. 

Of course I know the tune though I never played it myself. Sure I could play it just from memory like it happens if the leader calls a tune and you never had played it by yourself and just play it out of memories, but during the last year I invested more time in trying to re-learn to read a sheet, at least if I already know the tune. It´s quite helpful because even if I may be a very lousy reader, I have something like a "photografic memory" . 

I heard some guys doin "Nica´s Dream" and thought it would be good to have a glance at it at home before goin out and eventually have to play it. 

But on sheet music when I wanted to buy the tune, I got an answer that "the product cannot be delivered in my country" Now what´s that shit ? I just wanted to buy the file for pdf, not more, I dont want to get the musicians or the instruments delivered to Austria 😄.

How stupid is this ?

So dear colleages, if someone would be so nice if he has the lead (for C instruments please ).......?  

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