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Weird guitar tape played tonight (5/8) at about 7:30pm on WKCR


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The host, Mitch (?), who usually plays fusion, had Mark Whitfield as a guest, and played  a tape of a guitarist playing all alone with his bass tone control on eleven. It sounded terrible, but they seemed to be hinting that it was POSSIBLY a tape of Wes Montgomery practicing.

It did not sound anything like Wes, but they were all excited about it for some reason. They started guessing that it was someone like Rodney Jones or George Benson (both more probable than Wes), but they had no idea who it was. I pulled up to where we were rehearsing, and I asked a sax player if he knew anything about it, and he said they were talking about playing some obscure Wes tape for their fund drive last week.

Was anyone listening to this who knew what was going on?

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