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I'm hoping someone can give me some information on several Italian LP box sets (listed below) that were issued in the late 80s. I did search the forum but didn't have much luck. The Parker, Young and Holiday don't seem to have a label but from the similar title I assume they were put out by the same outfit. I wonder if the other box sets are also put out by the same outfit since they were also based in Italy and came out around the same time. I'm also curious how much of this material has ben issued elsewhere. Any information would be appreciated.

Lester Young: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label)
Billie Holiday: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label)
Charlie Parker: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label)
Earl Bud Powell – Pure Genius Always (Mythic Sound)
Coleman Hawkins: Bean And The Boys - Live And Uncommercial Recordings 1940-1965 (Queen-disc – BEAN 01-21)

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I have the Bird set, as far as I know most if not all of it has been available in other issues. Peter Losin’s website has a complete listing of the material along with other info (limited to 300 sets etc). I bought mine from Cadence, it arrived with damage to the box but not the records, from what Cadence told me their sets were all damaged.

i also had the Bud Powell set which had a more lavish production. I eventually gave to a friend had given me lots of unissued stuff through the years. I ended up with mostly corresponding cds.


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