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Found 7 results

  1. I'm hoping someone can give me some information on several Italian LP box sets (listed below) that were issued in the late 80s. I did search the forum but didn't have much luck. The Parker, Young and Holiday don't seem to have a label but from the similar title I assume they were put out by the same outfit. I wonder if the other box sets are also put out by the same outfit since they were also based in Italy and came out around the same time. I'm also curious how much of this material has ben issued elsewhere. Any information would be appreciated. Lester Young: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label) Billie Holiday: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label) Charlie Parker: Live And Private Recordings In Chronological Order (No Label) Earl Bud Powell – Pure Genius Always (Mythic Sound) Coleman Hawkins: Bean And The Boys - Live And Uncommercial Recordings 1940-1965 (Queen-disc – BEAN 01-21)
  2. Today Marc Myers posted a link to this documentary. It’s in French with English subtitles.
  3. How do people here rate Powell's Golden Circle recordings for SteepleChase? The Penguin Guide (ninth edition) gives them 2.5 stars. I need more Bud, and i don't know where else to turn. To put it in perspective, leader wise i have all of the studio albums apart from the Bird album, the Cannonball album and the Roost material. Also have Inner Fires, the ESP Birdland set, Paris Sessions and Massey Hall. I pretty much wouldn't be without any of it, so with that in mind, would the SteepleChase albums likely meet my standards? Any other recommendations would be more than welcome. Cheers.
  4. Re-posting three Night Lights programs today in honor of Bud, born on this day in 1924. The first two include some commentary from Powell biographer Peter Pullman; the third focuses exclusively on live recordings by Powell from 1944 to 1953: Time Flies: The Life And Music Of Bud Powell, Part 1 The Scene Changes: The Life And Music Of Bud Powell, Part 2 Burning With Bud: Bud Powell Live, 1944-1953
  5. Part two of the Night Lights Bud Powell special with Powell biographer Peter Pullman is now up for online listening: http://indianapublicmedia.org/nightlights/scene-life-music-bud-powell-part-2/
  6. Last week's Night Lights episode, "Time Flies: The Life And Music Of Bud Powell Part 1," with special guest and Powell biographer Peter Pullman, is now archived for online listening: http://indianapublicmedia.org/nightlights/tempus-fugueit-life-music-bud-powell-part-1/ "The Scene Changes: The Life And Music Of Bud Powell, Part 2" is airing this week; you can stream it tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 6 a.m. EDT on WBGO (http://www.wbgo.org/) and Sunday evening at 10 p.m. EDT on Blue Lake Public Radio (http://www.bluelake.org/radio/index.html). I'll have that episode archived on the Night Lights website as of Monday morning. From the archives, there's also "Burning With Bud: Bud Powell Live, 1944-1953": http://indianapublicmedia.org/nightlights/burning-bud-bud-powell-live-19441953/
  7. Posting this on Bud Powell's birthday--a program highlighting his radio and concert performances from the 1940s and early 50s, when he was in his unadulterated prime: Burning With Bud: Bud Powell Live 1944-53 You can hear him doing a duet of "West End Blues" with Cootie Williams, a Williams small-group broadcast of Mary Lou Williams' "Roll 'Em," with the 5nd Street All Stars at the Royal Roost and at Carnegie Hall as a leader in the late 1940s, and much more.
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