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Buddy Tate Meets Dollar Brand - Poor Butterfly


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There are a handful of listings for Tate on bari in the Tom Lord Jazz Discography, though, curiously, the record with Dollar Brand is not one of them. But that's obviously a bari he's playing on the way out on  Poor Butterfly. Here are a few:


  New York, March 26, 1981
  On Green Dolphin Street (1) Concord Jazz CJ163
  What are you doing the rest of your life ? (1)             -
  At sundown (3,4)             -
  Softly, as in a morning sunrise (2)             -
  Bernie's tune (3)             -
  I realize now (pt vcl,1,4)             -

Duckie (1,4)

  New York, October 8, 1979
  I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town  
  (ecv vcl) (1) Muse MR5217, MCD5473 [CD]
  Woe is me     -        -
  My old flame     -        -
  Loud talkin' woman     -        -
  New York, January 29, 1978
  Curtains in the night (1,3,4) Sackville (Can)3017
  Back in your own backyard (1,6)          -
  Have you met Miss Jones ? (1,4)          -
  Sherman shuffle (2,5)          -
  The best things in life are free (1,6)          -
  (Ballad medley :)          -
  Lover man (bw out,1,5)          -
  Body and soul (sj,lw only)          -
  Warm valley (bt out,1,5)          -
  Potentate (1,5)
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