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  1. BFT 142 Discussion

    track 6 = 'a time for love' from the michel legrand recording on mgm from 1967 entitled 'cinema legrand'.
  2. BFT 142 Discussion

    track 12 = 'space a la mode' from the herb geller recording on nova from 1975, featuring mark murphy, entitled 'an american in hamburg - the view from here'.
  3. East Wind Reissue

    (don friedman - hope for tomorrow)
  4. Prestige 7000 Series on SHM-CD

    ether — Are you enjoying this disc? One of my favorite Dameron discs. (Perhaps my all-time favorite.) I wish this series had a new batch of reissues. yes - it's a gem. i'm very happy i sprung for it (as well as the other dameron; 'mating call'). very nice sort of air and depth to the issue. my prior copy was the standard ojc, so... (nice new avatar, btw!)
  5. Jazz in TOKYO

    <crickets chirping> siyanora....
  6. Jazz in TOKYO

    shibuya = relatively small store under ground shinjuku = three stories of goodness (hope you made it to the brazil store, much less accessories up the street) ochanomizu = jazz heaven, really questions? guide = (see ya sunday...)
  7. Jazz in TOKYO

    three whole stories...
  8. careful. this may be an hmv exclsive. a search of disk union shows no availability.... that's because it's an hmv re-print. i stumbled into them last year (and snagged the mike westbrook 'love songs' title).
  9. bring your credit card... (sorry - i couldn't resist) will be there on the 25th!
  10. some nice, if well worn, titles on offer at a good price...
  11. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    i'll be talking to an engineer who prepares masters for manufacture for a major label on wednesday or thursday. let's queue up a list of questions?
  12. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    okay - i've reached out. in the meantime, i was thinking of king nessa as a resource. i'm sure that lon was partially onto something when he mentioned the potential for botched eq settings and the like. the italians used the japanese template for two reasons; 1. it was cost effective (i.e. cheap). 2. they did it because they could - and create a small budget series of their own. i'm certain that they were only thinking of their own market. now this is presuming that wea italy arethe ones behind the euro series. is that the case? or is it wea eu in some larger, ahem, more exacting and corporate of a location? i believe if this series were german i would have heard about it.
  13. at $43.85, i think so....
  14. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    i'll never forget the first time i heard 'satin doll' from 'the great american songbook / live at dante's'. i was forever on carmen's side after that. as soon as i retrieve my ailing amp from the shop (s i g h), the first thing i spin will be the chris connor gershwin set! i have some contacts i can ask about cd manufacturing and pressing process, but i'm sure we have sufficient resources right here who can clarify what could go wrong in the process of country b pressing country a's master; and indeed if in a case such as this one where italy may have grey marketed japan's master... for those who have a euro pressing of a 'jazz best 1000' title, is there a mastering credit...?
  15. highly recommended! at +/- $40.00, well under $4.00 per disc, it's also a steal. the quality of the mini-lp sleeves is the highest i've seen outside of japan. the masters used are obviously from the japan warner mini-lp series from a few years ago and sound excellent. Rhino released an eleven-disc Ry Cooder box set on 11 November 2013. As the title suggests, 1970-1987 collects the American musician’s solo albums over a 17 year period (the Warner era), starting with his 1970 eponymous debut and calling a halt at 1987′s Get Rhythm. Expect the usual no-frills approach with vinyl replica card sleeves, housed in a clamshell box, with no booklet(s).
  16. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    soulpope: thanks for the comparisons. it confirms my fears thoughts about the series. a few years ago i purchased identical masters of the steely dan catalog. the differences were surprising in that you wouldn't have thought them to be from the same mastering at all (maybe similar in some ways to your analysis of this series being pressed in europe vs japan). btw, can you believe I have a copy of the 'connor sings gershwin' sitting here unopened...?
  17. rare groove / funk best collection 1000

    i think it's tasty. greasy tasty in a groovy now sound kind of way. this may be its first issue on cd?
  18. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    no, not in the least. i was only embarrassed at my own ineptitude. i'd no idea that there was a euro series and blew right past its mention here. upon close examination of the series artwork, especially the rear inlay, they simply *have* to be copy and pastes of the japanese issues. there's no way wea italy (or wea europe) would create their own precise and crystal clear replications of original artwork down to the placement of copyright boilerplate in the same exact location that the japanese have. is it foolish to consider going in for the lloyd titles at around 5 euro a pop when i can walk into disc union and purchase them over the counter for +/- $9.00 usd...? cheers!
  19. Joe Sample 1939-2014

    omg, what a loss. i was just sharing with daniel a personal experience i had with joe once that was unforgettable. i truly cherish his solo work as well as that of the crusaders. rest in peace, my sir.
  20. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    wow! a herculean effort - thank you very much! and fwiw, the euro series looks -identical- to its japanese counterpart. i'd wager that one side of the company was able to lift the fruits of labor from the other side of the company (they may not be organizationally related but they share common access to the same material) and debadge any traces of their work and sell it for, well, less. "WPCR-27967 Mark Whitfield / Patorisu" (i love it! this almost certainly shows a translating software was used)
  21. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    xybert - my sincere apologies. i had no clue there was a 'jazz best 1000' series coming out of the EU. the phrase would make no sense outside of japan afaic because it's an attention to the pricepoint. anyhow, excuse my helplessness. as to clunky, all i can say is that maybe it's a west coast thing that doesn't translate? It's a swinging session so surely it's the singing that's "ghastly"? in any case, it sure gave a sorely needed chuckle.
  22. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    that kenyatta caught my eye. what's it all about...? i mean, i never would have gone for the jazz piano internationale unless it had been recommded above - and it's a gem.
  23. Jazz albums reissued on CD by Atlantic Japan

    whoa. i go away for 12 hours and it blows up. yes, xybert, the 'jazz best 1000' series is what we're referring to here. funnily enough, the 'live at the half note' was the first title i heard in this series and thought it sounded great. i'm not sure that i have precise titles in its euro and japanese counterpart as i'm loathe to repurchase a title i already have under most circumstances, but off the top of my head i know the euros that i refer to that i base my opinion on are jimmy scott's 'the source', mcduff's 'tobacco road', mcduff and david 'fathead' newman's 'double barreled soul', freddie hubbard's 'backlash', and some non-atlantic (jobim, bill evans, jaco pastorious, hancock/mwandishi) titles all of which are simply 'meh' to me. the rosololino was really working for me last night, that's for certain. then again, i'll be the first to admit that the original engineering of most of these records, certainly the atlantic titles, are very forward and maybe even aggressive to some. however, for less than $10.00 usd they're the steal of the year.