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  1. Album Of The Week - October 31-November 6

    I have six of his CD's and I like his music quite a bit. Peace and goodwill.
  2. Vincent Herring Quartet

    Vincent Herring plays on a few CD's that I have. I really like his sound. Peace and goodwill.
  3. Eric Alexander vs Joshua Redman

    I have almost all of Joshua Redman's CD's, but I recently bought my first Eric Alexander CD/DVD, which I like very much. I am no expert on jazz, past or present, but I know what I like. I also recently discovered Walt Weiskoft, another sax player whom I will be buying more of. So much good muisc, so little time. Peace and goodwill.
  4. Who are you just discovering?

    Sax player Walt Weiskopf Piano player Hiromi (Sonic Bloom)
  5. Eric Alexander vs Joshua Redman

    I really like Joshua Redman and have most of his albums. I do not know much about Eric Alexander, but I will check him out. Peace and goodwill.
  6. interesting Pat Metheny project news

    I like most of Pat Metheny's work, be it PMG, trio, or sideman guitarist. However, I have no desire to see or hear this new thing. I can watch my two Animusic DVD's instead. Peace and goodwill.