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  1. What Are You Watching

    Oh that's a given, I think!! ha ha ha Remember, Delaney said she wasn't dead!!! ha ha
  2. What Are You Watching

    Taboo Series staring Thomas Hardy. Was interesting. Will be fun to see where they go with it
  3. Opinions sought: Dexter Gordon - 5 Original Albums

    Really, No Dexter???? I have owned these for years. Agree with Jazzbo, Great music! Required actually.
  4. Horace Parlan (1931-2017)

    Very well done.... He will be missed for his music and his spirit!
  5. Horace Parlan (1931-2017)

    interesting interview
  6. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Ha... I agree about the double bill!! Never thought of it that way but now that you mention it................ :-)
  7. The Morgan looks fantastic.... But who am I to say..
  8. Revisiting (more or less) jazz c. 1995-2016

    I agree with felser. Have never really known why but I would say technically mastered but soulless... Just IMHO
  9. CDs For Sale

    Face, I'll take...... Various -- Jazz on Disques Vogue (There is a dent in one corner of the outer box) $25
  10. Read the Hawes book 10-12 years ago. Really liked it as I recall. I remember it as humorous. One quote that I have not forgotten involved his search for "illegal substances" in Japan I believe. He decided to go to a brothel because he had learned that " where you find one sin, you always find others." Something like that. Good story teller. Big fan of Hampton Hawes!!
  11. Agreed. My feeling about "contemporary jazz" in general... the smooth jazz radio stations were its death knell. I have read that they encouraged the formulaic approach, but who knows.
  12. just another bluenote, not

    Can't go wrong with Lee. I always liked The Sixth Sense a lot even though it did not receive the critical approval of some of his other efforts. Would probably even choose it over Charisma but its close for sure. As you might suspect, I don't think you can go wrong with Lee. Even when he began to go outside he was always able to make it swing. I think had he lived, it would have been interesting to see how he would have influenced the direction of the music. JMHO
  13. Who are you just discovering?

    These posts really register with me. This has been my experience for quite some time!! That is the beauty of this topic, I think. Others may be prompted to listen to artists that either they have not heard, or have not listened to in a long time. Jazz is an evolution as we all know!
  14. I believe I read somewhere that Jimmy was a teacher/mentor to Diana Krall. I think you hear this in her phrasing, which is her strongest suit IMHO.