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  1. And the problem is....?

    Attention teachers: become Presidents of the U.S. before you screw at your workplace.
  2. And the problem is....?

    No worse than playing Minesweeper at work. Sex or Minesweeper during break is O.K. IMO.
  3. Sports: Clips From Youtube.Com
  4. CD/Jewel Case weight??

    Crap, only 1:10 min - Sing A Simple Song

    Save The Children - with James Jamerson, Marvin Gaye, ...
  7. Apple knows how to do it

    Sort of like the GUI. Didn't he lift that from Xerox? Or was that the mouse? Engelbart/Xerox PARC were influences, I guess. Apple Lisa and Macintosh: Mouse history:
  8. Apple bashing

    Why is it so hard to be pragmatic about the techno stuff?
  9. Ripping only part of a track

    Rip with EAC edit wav with

    Do the Strandsky. Nice suit.
  11. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

    Do you know who the conga girl is that Laswell's talking about?
  12. Name Three People...

    John McEnroe Patty Smyth Patti Smith
  13. Name Three People...

    Porter Ricks Cole Porter Stephen Cole Kleene