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  1. picked up the DHQ's new album yesterday. my first Holland entry, definitely will get more after this, the recommendations for this new record at Jazz Corner got my interests piqued. I finished disc 1 for the second time, "High Wire" Chris Potter just tore into like a motherfucker, what about those bizarre streams of Bird quotes? the third tune is intriguing with it's use of counterpoint vaguely reminded me of Steve Reich, must be the marimba. Anyone else for "Extended Play: Live At Birdland"?
  2. Dave Holland Quintet:Extended Play

    I think what impresses me about this band and this record is that they have an incredible command of metric modulations, ostinatos, etc...
  3. October Conns.

    I preordered the Morgan, Rivers, and Young. The Hill and Mobley dates look interesting but b/c I have no Hill at all, let alone any of his BN dates (tho I do like his playing on "Our Thing") dates, I wouldn't get it until I heard a lot of his stuff. Also b/c I don't have any 60's Hank as a leader, I'd rather go through all those first.
  4. no lie at all, a woman named Gwen Shorter called in to pay a bill at work tonight (I collect for MCI) and since Shorter seems to be an unusual last name, I asked very professionally if she was by chance related "to the saxophonist Wayne Shorter" and said "yes, as a matter of fact, my husband is his cousin" (the dude's name was Rick Shorter) and I said "you've gotta be kidding?" and she said "nope". Anyway I briefly said how I listen to records like "Speak No Evil", WR, that I'm a big Wayne fan. Then I collected the payment as usual, but I thought that was just really amazing. If I wasn't in the dept that gets QA'ed I would have asked if they know Herbie, and knew Tony when he was around, I'd be very interested to know what the extent of Rick's relationship with Wayne.
  5. wow, very interesting article. I found it cool that Hank admitted to being uncomfortable with that version of "The Way You Look Tonight" on the "Blowin Session" record. It's like one chorus, and out. Hank definitely had a think with a mid tempo groove no question. I'm gonna forward this article to Mike, and see if we can make it useful when he does the hard bop section later on in course. Mobley IMO tho criminally underrated by the mainstream is crucially important as one of the main tenor stylists in that genre, and the way he wrote, was hip.
  6. Homemade covers for LP's that MIGHT've been on BN

    whoa some of these covers are mindblowing! how about changing the circa 80's till now BN logo on some of them to the classic 60's ones with the catalog #'s in the oval?
  7. Mode for Joe LP question

    my copy of the just issued RVG has the standard white/blue label, except the blue is a very light shade as a lot of the old BN 60's LP's had. Is the MFJ RVG the only one like this or do all the recent RVG's have the light blue as opposed to darker blue on the label side of the CD? Many of the BN reissues I have do contain varying shades of blue on the label side of the CD's but this one definitely looks like the light blue was intended and not a printing error.
  8. Mode for Joe LP question

    ditto Jim
  9. Mode for Joe LP question

    yes very interesting that the new RVG's have this light blue. did someone in the art dept suddenly look at the old LP's and realize the design? BTW, do you mean the Morgan album rather than Hubbard? no Hubbard RVG was reissued in this batch.
  10. Mode for Joe LP question

    my copy of the just issued RVG has the standard white/blue label, except the blue is a very light shade as a lot of the old BN 60's LP's had. Is the MFJ RVG the only one like this or do all the recent RVG's have the light blue as opposed to darker blue on the label side of the CD? Many of the BN reissues I have do contain varying shades of blue on the label side of the CD's but this one definitely looks like the light blue was intended and not a printing error.
  11. Jack McDuff's 60's band

    ::some guy just there in the studio doing a canned announced:: The Front Room, is proud to present the world's most exciting jazz organist, Brother Jack McDuff!!
  12. Jack McDuff's 60's band

    I got to get "Live!" again, that was a great album. I played it often but sold the CD when I needed $$. You know, "Live!" is a fake live date, simulated in the studio, the applause is so pasted in there and looped. I asked Pete Fallico once and he confirmed my suspicions that yes indeed, "Live!" was canned.
  13. Tony Williams "Life Time"(1964)

    I picked this up a few days ago, another purchase that was always meant to, but never got around to it till now, but first time I played this, it was a big shock (been through it twice now). A shock in a good way, Tony playing free stuff at 18 posessing this amazing fluency in that idiom, and good compositions to boot. I think "Memory" is the most challenging listen on the album, but what a good experience. Also RVG (as far as I can tell from my cheap little surround set up here in the dorm) did a very nice remastering job, the K's are very well defined.
  14. September 2nd RVGs

    Skeith, even thru crappy headphones, I only have the RVG of "Mode for Joe" to reference, but like "Indestructible" from the last batch I hear a deeper soundstage more 3 dimensional in feel, and also an enormous amount of detail (even thru small speakers in my dorm) on Joe Chambers' K's, a lot of stick tones, warm overtones and a defined attack is present.
  15. How many rvgs remasters do you own?

    23. more than half are upgrades.
  16. Tony Williams "Life Time"(1964)

    perhaps Kartoffel there is a connection that Redman has to Pat's playing here, but I'm thinking of certain stuff Josh plays on that record, like during his solo, phrasing out of late period Trane that has become a trade mark of Mike's playing as well: short of hoarse, ( I would imagine) false fingered lines that sorta sound like: "dugga dugga doo bee doo" etc.........
  17. Tony Williams "Life Time"(1964)

    I'll get "Spring" in a few weeks, I gotta cool the cash burning till my next check. I always say "one more", but that's never it ;-) I would agree that there should be more stuff released from "Tokyo Live", which I have a burn of since it's OOP and I missed my chance to get it, if a real copy turns up I'll grab one. I think the 80's quintet had promise, judging from "Tokyo Live", I really enjoy Bill Pierce's contributions to the record, his soprano sound is very fresh, very clarinet like to my ears. Another thing I might add about "Life Time" is that, the compositions are "real" as opposed to the young guys out today who have written tunes that sound like homework exercises on the records. That's one of the things I've paid attention to on the 2 Joshua Redman discs I have "Spirit of the Moment", and "Wish". A few things sound like what I described above with the Berklee mentality, but similarly there are traces of ideas wanting to get out. BTW, does anyone notice on "Wish" that maybe b/c of Pat Metheny's presence on the record, that Redman goes for a lot of Brecker licks?
  18. September 2nd RVGs

    "Mode For Joe" is outstanding. I just got it in the mail today, first time hearing the date and I definitely agree with everyone re: "Carribean Fire Dance". I ordered "Our Thing" tonight in addition to "Unity" which I've been meaning to grab.
  19. Historic Blue Note Concert Comes to DVD

    cool, I'm definitely buying.
  20. Weather Report: Black Market

    Joe, yes that tune is very weird. I just moved into my dorm again so it definitely tests the limits of the small surround speakers I have. What time sig is that in? sounds like 6 or 7 something to me. Live and Unreleased is my first WR purchase and I dig what I hear, gotta get the studio stuff and I decided to wait until I have more $$ to blow before getting "Live in Tokyo", probably till my next check.
  21. Weather Report: Black Market

    Jim, I picked up "Live and Unreleased" yesterday, I've heard a lot of stuff from seasoned WR fans that it is not considered to be their best, I think it's very nice, especially "Where the Moon Goes" and Jaco's feature. I think I may order Live in Tokyo in a few mins. CDUniverse has it for $21.89. Money that I need for school stuff, goin down the drain
  22. Rudy's supposed hearing loss

    Maybe this should be posted in audio talk, but maybe it'd get more reads here. With what I read on the Blue Train SACD thread in regards to the excessive treble and Rudy's supposed hearing loss, yes I think a lot of the RVG's are bright, but the ones that sound absolutely beautiful like "Indestructible!" the Monks, the Jimmy Smith's, and the "Love Supreme" deluxe edition, I've read that Maureen Sickler is his assistant, do you think maybe the reason for the really great remasters is RVG just being "on" or maybe she is assistant him with what sounds better level wise? I want some opinions so that I can maybe understand some of the reasonings behind this.
  23. the class I took for fun last semester. It's being taught by a guy named Mike Carbone a teacher I've known since middle school and is a person who really finds my knowledge of tremendous value, so he offered me the TA gig the other day in addition to the 2 TA's that were involved in it last semester. Mike is a great teacher in Johnson City and does a bang up job with their bands and also Binghamton University's jazz band so it should be nice. My professor for the class last semester, David Brackett was almost certainly going to offer me a TA spot if he knew that class was being offered this year but at the time BU's jazz program took a dive due to budget cuts. Later by a stroke of luck it was reinstated and the class is being offered again. The way Mike is teaching it will be cool, he plans on using a lot more audiovisual media compared to Brackett, having more in class performances and local players discussion their roles on their instruments, as well as what myself and the other TA's have in their collections.. I think this will promote more critical listening, a skill Brackett was trying to get the class to develop but didn't work. I was the person who heard the most of what he was getting at when he tried to demonstrate a musical point. I will be offered 2 undergraduate teaching credits to boot!
  24. A Date With Jimmy Smith: Vol. I & 2

    just a few extra tracks, an alternate of Plum Nellie, "Cherokee", "Blue Moon", "First Night Blues" and "The Third Day"
  25. well, since I'm the TA and Mike is the teacher it's entirely up to him what's done but I am sure he'll definitely want my input. Since he intends on using GB, Jazztimes, Jazziz as sources of readings, I think that is an excellent and easy to understand way to access historical type essays, historical reconsiderations of artists (e.g. Grant Green being in the top 10 in JT's guitar issue last year) that were undervalued during their time and also the social issues surrounding periods. There needs to be more articles selected like "Reconsidering the Jazz Tradition" by Scott Deveaux which was read last semester in Keeping Time, a nice anthology, but I sold it when classes were over. There needs to be IMO, a focus on articles like the Deveaux because, they shy away from the Marsalis neoclassicism argument, and it shows that styles of fusion, soul jazz, etc are indeed valid. Also since Mike is a Metheny fan, I hope we could touch on a point later on is that his music was different from fusion in the 70's, fusion in the sense of styles mixing but different because of the melodic openess, the time keeping on the ride opposed to backbeats (although you find backbeats on almost every cut of the first PMG album) and that even though some pieces may not be "jazz" in the traditional sense, he draws on the tradition definitely. Also if the class is on Blackboard, a o/l class message board there should be links to this site, jazzcorner and AAJ to show how us passionate fans discuss jazz. I don't think discussions about RVG would interest folks but certainly other types might.