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  1. cool, I really wanna see this DVD. Two more weeks. hoping DVDUniverse gets it in for an early shipment, they usually get things the thursday or friday before the tuesday their released it seems.
  2. ooh is that when Blakey was playing those Paiste's instead of K ride cymbals? probably as a result of his hearing loss his cymbal sound in those years was awful anyway. but since I love his playing that can be looked past.
  3. additional performances: Recorda-me* Herbie Hancock – Piano Ron Carter – Bass Tony Williams – Drums Freddie Hubbard – Trumpet Joe Henderson - Tenor Saxophone Bobby Hutcherson - Vibes Appointment in Ghana* McCoy Tyner – Piano Cecil McBee – Bass Jack DeJohnette – Drums Woody Shaw - Trumpet Jackie McLean - Alto Saxophone Jumpin' the Blues*, Scratch My Back* Stanley Turrentine - Sax Jimmy Smith - Organ Kenny Burrell - Guitar Grady Tate - Drums Stanley Turrentine -Tenor Saxophone deleted tracks: BROADSIDE WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR LADY DAY THE BLESSING PASSION DANCE it's 5 actually. How is the video quality in terms of camera work? is it decent? A lot of DVD's I have with the exception of Pat Metheny's "Speaking of Now: Live in Japan" (the Japanese import of the DVD that will be available in the US November 18th), and Herbie's "Future 2 Future Live", have inappropriate camera work with camera focusing too much on facial expressions, the wrong players, etc.....
  4. I preordered last night. Looking forward to having these performances as I had vols 1-2, 4 on casette a looooooooong time ago and the "Town Hall Concert" CD, which after the DVD, will just kinda be there sitting on my shelf ast home for the one (I think performance) not on the DVD. The new cover looks kind of cool except I wish they had used the original cover art. Also I wonder why they added 4 new performances to delete 4 existing ones, why not include the whole thing? At least it just will be out.
  5. thanks. I guess those guys aren't obscure as I thought. I think what impresses me so far, although I need to give a deeper listen are John's basslines, comping, changes and imaginative use of stops. Just what is nthat stop he's using on "Fat Judy" for the head? I never heard that registration at all before.
  6. I just got it in today and find this to be an interesting grooving set, especially for my first Patton experience. I really dig "That Certain Feeling" and "Understanding" the most (the latter is playing is now for the first time). Who are Richard Williams and Harold Alexander though? have they done other dates? Williams sounds a lot like Blue Mitchell to me in some ways without as much control, the picture of Richard in the booklet looks like Blue a bit even. Alexander, I'm enjoying his very out edge, anyone have info on these cats?
  7. glad to hear you finally purchased "The Sermon". His greatest record IMO, one reason is I grew up on it, the other thing is everything is there on that record that sums up his first period: bop, blues, ballads, and many/most of the players included on that date were from his then recent all star dates at the time. That 20 minutes is a height that is rarely reached for inspiration for that long, not even Jimmy himself bettered that take on that tune in later years.
  8. well, I ordered the Patton select late last night/early AM, after checking out "Jerry", which smoked. Shame about "The Rock" distortion though. This will be my first exposure to Big John in a serious listening manner and will be looking forward to it. It wil also have to be my one "big" purchase this month since I quit my job earlier today, it was on good faith, but school is getting too heavy to worry about going and collecting bills for MCI. I haven't ordered from Mosaic in 6 years, first time ordering from them online, do they ship fairly quickly with o/l orders? I remember back from my pre o/l orders where they shipped the Smith, Morgan and Mobley sets very fast when I ordered, even graciously replacing a badly damaged in transit disc 6 of the Mobley very expiediently.
  9. Matthew, "Lonesome Road" is part of the TOCJ series. I don't have it, but it is a session with his regular trio of the period which had Eddie McFadden on guitar and Donald Bailey on drums from 1957. "Special Guests" is a compilation featuring leftover cuts from various sessions, some of these cuts in the US have been reissued on the old "Prayer Meetin" CD, "I'm Movin On", and a few others I can't think of at the moment.
  10. I will upgrade my copy of "Prayer Meetin", I've had that on the crappy U.S. remastering for 10 years or so, way too muddy, and lack of definition. I'm not too happy with the choice of "Home Cookin" because is that record really that bad in it's current '96 incarnation? and would the RVG contain the 5 bonus tracks? especially that killer blues "Groanin'?" I got that for Christmas the year it came out and it really doesn't sound that bad, a tad trebly, yes, but still much better than any '87 or '89 reissues. I think they should work on getting out "Midnight Special" and "Back at the Chicken Shack"? the former hasd been one of my fav albums since I was a little kid, I grew up with that Liberty era reissue pressing, and the current CD sounds well, horrible. I wish I wasn't such an audiophile, but truly horrible sound keeps me from fully enjoying the music. I would love to see reissues of "At the Organ vols 1&2" even though I have the Mosaic at home, I would like to hear those albums in an upgraded format and in their LP sequence all on one disc. What about reissuing those Japan only sessions like "Cherokee", "Lonesome Road" and "Jimmy Smith Trio+LD"? all sessions I never heard, and being that I have most of what Jimmy recorded for BN, I want to be able to hear more of that obscure stuff. I really really think that "At the Club Baby Grand" should make an appearance as a domestic RVG sometime in the future. Very happy about "Free For All" and the Byrd Half Note RVG's tho.
  11. nope mgraham333. I went to B&N and Coconuts in the same plaza the other day looking for Richard Bona's new record, the new Brecker, some Jarrett and whatever ECM Metheny I don't have, no price drop. I'm sure if I ask either store they will reply (even though I know some cats over there really well) that they never heard of the drop. The FYE in the mall, which I hardly ever go to, sells CD's at the disgusting price of $19.99, since it's in the mall and spaces are more expensive to rent, they will always be higher I guess, I dunno.
  12. I think what impresses me about this band and this record is that they have an incredible command of metric modulations, ostinatos, etc...
  13. picked up the DHQ's new album yesterday. my first Holland entry, definitely will get more after this, the recommendations for this new record at Jazz Corner got my interests piqued. I finished disc 1 for the second time, "High Wire" Chris Potter just tore into like a motherfucker, what about those bizarre streams of Bird quotes? the third tune is intriguing with it's use of counterpoint vaguely reminded me of Steve Reich, must be the marimba. Anyone else for "Extended Play: Live At Birdland"?
  14. I preordered the Morgan, Rivers, and Young. The Hill and Mobley dates look interesting but b/c I have no Hill at all, let alone any of his BN dates (tho I do like his playing on "Our Thing") dates, I wouldn't get it until I heard a lot of his stuff. Also b/c I don't have any 60's Hank as a leader, I'd rather go through all those first.
  15. wow, very interesting article. I found it cool that Hank admitted to being uncomfortable with that version of "The Way You Look Tonight" on the "Blowin Session" record. It's like one chorus, and out. Hank definitely had a think with a mid tempo groove no question. I'm gonna forward this article to Mike, and see if we can make it useful when he does the hard bop section later on in course. Mobley IMO tho criminally underrated by the mainstream is crucially important as one of the main tenor stylists in that genre, and the way he wrote, was hip.
  16. whoa some of these covers are mindblowing! how about changing the circa 80's till now BN logo on some of them to the classic 60's ones with the catalog #'s in the oval?
  17. no lie at all, a woman named Gwen Shorter called in to pay a bill at work tonight (I collect for MCI) and since Shorter seems to be an unusual last name, I asked very professionally if she was by chance related "to the saxophonist Wayne Shorter" and said "yes, as a matter of fact, my husband is his cousin" (the dude's name was Rick Shorter) and I said "you've gotta be kidding?" and she said "nope". Anyway I briefly said how I listen to records like "Speak No Evil", WR, that I'm a big Wayne fan. Then I collected the payment as usual, but I thought that was just really amazing. If I wasn't in the dept that gets QA'ed I would have asked if they know Herbie, and knew Tony when he was around, I'd be very interested to know what the extent of Rick's relationship with Wayne.
  18. yes very interesting that the new RVG's have this light blue. did someone in the art dept suddenly look at the old LP's and realize the design? BTW, do you mean the Morgan album rather than Hubbard? no Hubbard RVG was reissued in this batch.
  19. my copy of the just issued RVG has the standard white/blue label, except the blue is a very light shade as a lot of the old BN 60's LP's had. Is the MFJ RVG the only one like this or do all the recent RVG's have the light blue as opposed to darker blue on the label side of the CD? Many of the BN reissues I have do contain varying shades of blue on the label side of the CD's but this one definitely looks like the light blue was intended and not a printing error.
  20. my copy of the just issued RVG has the standard white/blue label, except the blue is a very light shade as a lot of the old BN 60's LP's had. Is the MFJ RVG the only one like this or do all the recent RVG's have the light blue as opposed to darker blue on the label side of the CD? Many of the BN reissues I have do contain varying shades of blue on the label side of the CD's but this one definitely looks like the light blue was intended and not a printing error.
  21. ::some guy just there in the studio doing a canned announced:: The Front Room, is proud to present the world's most exciting jazz organist, Brother Jack McDuff!!
  22. I got to get "Live!" again, that was a great album. I played it often but sold the CD when I needed $$. You know, "Live!" is a fake live date, simulated in the studio, the applause is so pasted in there and looped. I asked Pete Fallico once and he confirmed my suspicions that yes indeed, "Live!" was canned.
  23. Skeith, even thru crappy headphones, I only have the RVG of "Mode for Joe" to reference, but like "Indestructible" from the last batch I hear a deeper soundstage more 3 dimensional in feel, and also an enormous amount of detail (even thru small speakers in my dorm) on Joe Chambers' K's, a lot of stick tones, warm overtones and a defined attack is present.
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