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  1. Greetings -- I'm looking for Ornette's "Lenox School of Jazz Concert", which may or may not be available on a legitimate CD. Basically trying to find this for a friend, who offers this description: "WKCR does an annual Ornette full day birthday broadcast and they play it every year, but I've missed burning a CDR of this concert every time. It's really great music with a great band, consisting of students and a bunch of mainstream musicians of the early 60s who were on faculty there." If anyone has this, please PM me ... Thanks!
  2. Creating CD copies from LPs

    Here's something that was brought to my attention over the weekend: http://www.hammacher.com/publish/73363.asp?promo=electronics Methinks the price may give away the possible fact that it is not worth purchasing ...
  3. Vinyl transfer services

    Allen -- Sent you a PM. Thanks, mikeb
  4. Greetings ... Anyone out there with any experience in using a service to transfer LP-to-CD? I'm looking for a good company with a fair price ... any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks, mikeb
  5. Your favourite "minor" organists

    I picked up the Hoffman CD from the Groove ... I guess the review from the DGA website is pretty close to what's on the disc. Definitely made me think of Booker T. and the bunch. Anyway, from my brief scan of the recent liner notes (not sure when they were written), Hoffman gave up the organ but is still active in Colgone.
  6. Billy Taylor Trio with Jon Faddis

    Anyone know when this will be broadcast? I'm assuming on NPR ... ?
  7. Who was (is?) this fellow ...?

    Thanks, John ... Well, the bidding is up to $120 now ... and the reserve has been met. Hope for the buyer's sake it's worth it!
  8. Who was (is?) this fellow ...?

    Ah, good point, Dan ... somehow, I missed that in the listing. Wonder what the reserve for it is?
  9. Who was (is?) this fellow ...?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...MEBWA%3AIT&rd=1 Any info would be much appreciated. Anyone have/heard this album? Impressions? Thanks!
  10. Introducing the iPod mini!

    I had no idea ... thanks!
  11. Harold Vick

    Thank you!
  12. Harold Vick

    Any one have any info on the Harold Vick RCA LP Watch What Happens? Has this been on LP under a different title? Thanks in advance!
  13. Introducing the iPod mini!

    Wulfman -- How exactly does one go about opening an iPod? And speaking of openings, this could be the one I need to convince my wife I have to buy the 40 GB model ...

    Up ... The Jackie Ivory LP is on hold. All others still available.
  15. Whatever happened to ... ???

    A couple of long-forgotten organists that (apparently) only had one album each?: Tyrone Parsons (Organ-Eyes, on the Imperial label, from ~ 1963); Willie Bovain (Jazz + Soul = Love, on the Revue label, from the mid-60's, I'm guessing)