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  1. It's archived every night on a multi-international company's robust server system.
  2. Oh conservatives, how low your party has sunk. The candidate trumping all other candidates for the GOP nomination (see what I did there?) is waxing philosophical about the size of his penis during a live, televised debate. This is what your party has become; literal dick-wagging.

    In light of that, this seems apropos.
  3. Brand X - 'Nuclear Burn' The Charisma Years

    Unorthodox Behavior I think is the most glaring of them; but actually putting it in Wavelab and looking at the spectrum, it's everything below about 200Hz that could use a slight boost (maybe 2db). I did that using the Eiosis Air EQ plug-in and everything sounded much mire full and present to me. It's not bad as is and the dynamic range is fantastic; almost unheard of for a modern remaster.
  4. "Eugene Driker, a civil defense attorney, and Brian Lennon, a criminal defense attorney, were each awarded a contract worth $249,000 through Dec. 31, after which those contracts can be extended, Snyder spokesman Ari Adler told the Free Press.

    The contracts, which are to be paid with state funds, are just below the $250,000 threshold for contracts requiring approval from the State Administrative Board, which meets in public to approve state contracts and grants."

    And who is paying for his PR firm? You guessed it; tax payers.

    Can we please arrest this piece of shit?
  5. Working on new THEO songs and replacing a lead patch I made in Retrologue (virtual analog) with a re-creation made on the Andromeda (real analog). Guess which one won?

    I like Retrologue a lot; it sounds really nice and is very easy to program. However, I was having trouble with this particular lead sounding too thin and wimpy in the mix. That's no longer an issue with the Andromeda and I was only using one oscillator. Analog FTW.
  6. "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkk..." Chris Christie's brain
  7. Brand X - 'Nuclear Burn' The Charisma Years

    Got this today. I don't have any other issues of these albums to compare. They sound good but are extremely light in the bass. That's kind of a mid-70s aesthetic though. They are definitely not over-compressed dynamically which is great. Guess I just need to turn up the bass on my old Marantz receiver.
  8. What do I do on a late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning when snowed in? Compare analog oscillator waveforms. Below is the triangle output from my Alesis Andromeda vs. the triangle from a synthesizers.com Q106 module. Exciting, isn't it?
  9. "Trump, it turns out, is just the symptom. The rise of American authoritarianism is transforming the Republican Party and the dynamics of national politics, with profound consequences likely to extend well beyond this election."

  10. Tonight I compared vinyl, CD, and HD audio

    Yes, the definition of a lossless compression scheme means that no data is lost once the data is decoded. So a FLAC file is exactly the same as whatever file it was made from, just smaller. So no, there is no compression left after the decoding. Don't confuse data compression with dynamic (audio) compression. They are two very different things.
  11. Tonight I compared vinyl, CD, and HD audio

    The difference is the kind of data compression. FLAC uses a lossless data compression which means that upon decoding no information is lost; you have an exact digital copy of the original file. If you've ever downloaded and extracted a ZIP file from the web, it is the same concept. MP3 data compression is lossy, meaning it throws away parts of the data is deems unnecessary. It uses psychoacoustic theory to determine that. If you encoded an executable file (a program) with a lossy data compression scheme, like MP3, and tried to run it once decoded, it wouldn't run because it would be missing actual data.
  12. Another tune from our upcoming album(s).
  13. Brand X - 'Nuclear Burn' The Charisma Years

    Well that's a shame. Where did you read that? Charisma is long gone, absorbed by Virgin and now EMI. Seems like they'd still be owed royalties at this point.
  14. One of my favorite interviews with Dr. Richard Carrier. Well worth listening to.
  15. I think this is one of my favorite versions of this song, next to Lou Rawls' soulful take and the melancholic interpretation by Tony Bennett in 1966.

    Cedar Walton, Ron Carter, and Billy Higgins? Yes, please.
  16. Go Ahead - new teaser vid

    Does the thumbnail not appear for y'all as well? I've uploaded a new one three times and it seems like it doesn't want to take.
  17. Getz/Gilberto '76 from Resonance Records

    Why is Resonance so reticent to put samples on their website? All you have to do is put 1 to 2 minute clips up on Soundcloud and embed the player. It's easier than ever these days.
  18. Beautiful piano playing by Mike LeDonne on the upcoming George Coleman record. And of course George sounds amazing.
  19. Tonight I compared vinyl, CD, and HD audio

    It's been a dream of mine to create a media server with FLAC rips of all my CDs (I probably have 4000 at least... I lost count a long time ago) and use a software that can auto-convert them to mp3 on the fly so I can stream them to my phone on long drives, etc. And of course also stream them uncompressed via my wireless network to any audio system in the house. I'm slowly ripping my CDs but at this rate I'll be done when I'm dead. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It's the reason why I've spent several hours over the last few weeks repairing my old Commodore 64 computer and floppy drives, investing a small amount of money into the project and even buying a modern interface so I can transfer files from floppy to my PC and vice versa. The C64 is obviously obsolete technology but loading up those old games and playing with my kids is fun and a nice trip down memory lane. But it is better than an iPad or modern tablet? Or even my iPhone? From any objective criteria it is not. Yet I enjoy it, much to the chagrin of my wife. I think the same is true of vinyl. It's fun, it's tactile, it's nostalgic. And that's fine.
  20. New George Coleman "A Master Speaks."

    Here's a sample up on Soundcloud.
  21. Hope you get a sale! Good luck and nice to see you here.
  22. My wife has a new clothing line in conjunction with VIDA. Her original paintings turned into beautiful clothing for women. Check it out!

  23. Just fixed my second Commodore 1541 floppy drive. A new belt and it's good as new.