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  1. Half of these guys went to high school with Stewart's nephew Packy Axton, Booker lived in the neighborhood where the studio was, and the drummer was the only one who was a professional musician pre-Stax. Together they were the best session band ever IMHO, because they combined the professionalism necessary to that role with a visceral enthusiasm more typical of amateurs.
  2. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/entertainment/music/2022/12/06/jim-stewart-obituary-stax-records-rock-n-roll-hall-of-fame-memphis-music-history/69702156007/ After Blue Note, Stax is my next favorite label.
  3. Somewhat surprised there's no core hard bop on the new list: no Lee, no Hank, no Blakey, no Horace. But we haven't seen next year's Tone Poets yet and there's plenty of fine music on the list. I have decent copies of everything but the 21st century stuff, and I'm not particularly interested in that. Over at the SHF there's a lot oc complaints about quality control on this series, I haven't bought any of these, but my 3 TP so far have been perfect.
  4. An interesting question, KB did the all blues Midnight Blue and Jackie McLean Bluesnick, and there were a few tribute albums by others. I think it was mostly Grant's natural versatility and his relative weakness as a composer and he made a lot of albums for BN so there was both more opportunity and more need for this sort of thing.
  5. If got a do over at life, I'd buy more Gene Ammons.
  6. Have we discussed Gene Ammons Night Lights (a tribute to Nat Cole with Wynton Kelly in the band)? The few cuts I've heard are superb.
  7. How would I know if a tune has been recorded less than 100 times, is there an easily accessible source for this info that can be trusted to be complete/accurate?
  8. Does this date have Kenny Dorham tunes that were not recorded elsewhere?
  9. Care to elaborate? 'Cause I'll take Farrell over most of those you might consider his contemporaries - Grossman, Leibman, Brecker, etc..
  10. Jommy Woods, Conflict, recently picked u[ a cheap used CD of this fine session.
  11. It does seem more likely now, but the merely 'unissued' rather than 'rejected' Grant Green session from 1970 seems even more likely, if it still exists.
  12. I like this one, which puts him in a modernist context.
  13. Can't say I agree with that, they have reissued avant leaning dates, pre-hard bop, post-hard bop, lots of different things. And lots of hard bop (however defined), but given how much of their rep rests on hard bop, I'm almost surprised they haven't done more.
  14. I was thinking of the arrangements he did for Monk.
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