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  1. I believe that the New Waterford Jewish grocery store owner in Fall on Your Knees is based on my grandfather (though the chronology isn't entirely correct).
  2. Some of the early Ellington recordings have a tuba rather than a bass and are rather small groups. E.g. the first East St. Louis Toodle-O and Birmingham Breakdown from Nov. 1926.
  3. Not including Mosaic is there any box set packaging that people particularly like? I must admit that some of the ones I find most attractive are not the most practical. E.g The Mercury set that looks like a radio, the Charlie Christian Columbia set that looks like an amp, the Ray Charles set that looks like a portable record player. I guess the most practical are the Atlantics that come with each cd in a case and a hard cover booklet.
  4. Benny's close friend Ira Nepus just sent me this https://paw.princeton.edu/article/glenn-dryfoos-83-just-released-jazz-great-benny-carters-princeton-recordings
  5. My apologies for forgetting. I was a bit overwhelmed at that conference.
  6. I love this record. IIRC the rest of the concert was recorded but it's never been released. And I believe this Lp has never been on cd.
  7. medjuck

    Tony Scott

    Nobody here has mentioned his work with either Billie Holiday or Harry Belafonte. Thats a pretty good band on the Matilda single https://www.discogs.com/release/1088176-Harry-Belafonte-With-Tony-Scott-And-His-Orchestra-Matilda-Matilda
  8. medjuck

    Tony Scott

    Wow Tony Scott and Pee Wee Russell! I gotta get that.
  9. I've met up with Jim (our fearless leader) a couple of times. Had a drink with Shawn Dudley (I forget his handle here) when he moved to LA. Feels like I've met Ghost of Miles, but haven't. Been at concerts where I later discovered others were there (in one case even interacting with them) and seen David Weiss with the Cookers.
  10. Perhaps because of his association with Bird, Miles was also the best known of the group. Mulligan (who seems to have done more charts than anyone else), was only known as an arranger at the time.
  11. Is there a compilation that contains most of his pre-1971 recordings? I've got Bald Headed Woman on that Mercury box set that looks like a radio but is there someplace I can find the original recordings of Go to the Mardi Gras, Tipitina, Big Chief etc.?
  12. I was listening to some new (fine) Charles Lloyd on Spotify and when the record was over, Spotify, as is their wont, began to play supposedly similar things, including an interesting mournful muted trombone-keyboard duet that I realized was JJ Johnson and Miles from this set. I really liked it in this context. I also liked hearing Miles and JJ playing some funky blues though I would gladly give it all up to hear the apparently unrecorded sextet with JJ from the '60s. Despite a couple of clinkers (What's Love Got to do With It) I was surprised how much I like this set. I heard Miles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1983 and didn't get it. (He was double billed with the Gil Evans band and I foolishly thought he might sit in.) Listening to the Montreal concert makes me realize that it often takes me a few hearings/viewings to catch up to where the artists I like are going e.g. Jean-Luc Godard, Coltrane, even Gil. (Though I've never had a problem with Dylan's many mutations.)
  13. I agree but IIRC the music works as a film score. BTW This film is presumably why Beatty chose Penn for Bonnie and Clyde.
  14. When my friend Mike Goodwin died in Nola there was a brass band and we all became a second line.
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