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  1. I see the Lp for sale on Discogs but I no longer have a turntable. According to "And Did Those Feet.." , which makes it sound very interesting, no cd of "In the Public Interest" was ever released. Does anyone know of a downloadable or streaming version? (I guess I could buy an Lp and try to get it digitized. I used to be able to do that myself back when I still had access to a turntable.)
  2. This is re: Did These Feet: I like most of the music on the cds but the sound seems "thin" to me (sort of low-fi) maybe because it was all recorded for radio several decades ago. The book is very informative though I didn't really need to know the politics of each musician and didn't Whitney Balliett not Martin Williams coin the term "the sound of surprise"?
  3. Featured in the film "Check and Double Check". A great tune.
  4. I've heard from a reliable source that a Vanguard package is in the works.
  5. https://www.aarp.org/rollingstones2024/?cmp=EMC-DSM-NLC-OTH-WBLTR-1532702-1915703-7797862-NA-11242023-Webletter-MS5-STONES_WEBLETTER-NA-S08B-NA&encparam=GW%2bBFP0w3AI9PN3TSJf%2bRg%3d%3d No comment.
  6. Went to their website, think it will be tomorrow.
  7. Me too. (Gonna be hard to pick the track).
  8. That was the first Mosaic box I ever bought. IIRC it was one of their first cd boxes.
  9. I used to see the Collins Kids on tv a lot in the '50s. Ditto. However if they waited for Gil to do 4 more arrangements we might still be waiting.
  10. Maybe everybody but me already knew this, but.. Yesterday in response to Andre 2000's new flute album, the LA Times listed what their reviewer called the best "flute-y classics". Number three was California Dreaming of which he wrote "It gets a lot of its witchy allure from Bud Shanks alto flute solo which he reportedly improvised in one take. " And BTW In the number 1 spot, beating out The Beatles, The Beastie Boys and even Lizzo, was Herbie Mann's "One Note Samba".
  11. People who make a lot of money almost never think they have enough.
  12. I heard that about 60 years ago but not sure it was more than a rumour. Sounds like Waller, but McHugh and Fields were no slouches either.
  13. Have the other numbers with Ellington in the film ever been release on cd? (Hesitation Blues, Troubled Waters etc.)
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