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  1. Went to a concert at the Music Academy of the West where students, teachers and artists in residence performed all 20. It was stunning.
  2. I saw him last night in a smallish club. Knocked me out. He had 2 mics-- a regular one and one that gave that "synthesized" voice. He would use one or the other for each song. i.e. he didn't switch from one to the other during any one song.
  3. I bought the box set of all the British '66 tour. All the shows sounded the same to me. All you you need is the Manchester show.
  4. The main thing I remember about that show is Bill Graham turning the lights up on "But even the president of the United States/ Sometimes must have to stand naked".
  5. Ricky Riccardi just announced this on Face Book: https://www.archeophone.com/catalogue/king-oliver-centennial/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR18bXtL46Ti0Rmc_6-NayxkzOKP5AmXksDGHd-bZcpTWdUiiDWp7vcCyH8_aem_bkkrTnhWF5ba4fRvvI_Liw
  6. They're downloadable!? I didn't realize that.
  7. I guess this is the last set that will have a personal note for Michael Cuscuna. BTW Who now owns Mosaic? (I have a vague memory -- many of my memories are vague -that they were once owned by Blue Note. And who now owns Blue Note-- Universal?)
  8. Who owns this? Why has it never been on cd?
  9. Got mine out here on the West Coast today.
  10. I was there-- at least for part of it. I lived nearby and when i heard Lennon was flying over I grabbed my self-issued press pass and talked my way into the stadium. Saw Gene Vincent and Alice Cooper as well as Lennon, Clapton, Ono etc.
  11. Yes, when I started reading about jazz in the late '50s Ahmad Jamal was definitely dismissed as a "cocktail pianist" and people were perplexed that Miles liked him so much.
  12. It's an important document but it's also a great record-- despite it's very low-fi sound.
  13. And he played arco a lot-- at least when I saw him post Miles.
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