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  1. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    That version of Angel Eyes is my favorite-- a real gem.
  2. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    Sad news. He followed his own way in jazz and his music has enriched our lives. Still, going out at 91 (almost 92) after back to back wins in the Downbeat reader poll, and the success of "Their Last Time Out", as they say, what a way to go!
  3. Does anyone know of a place to get track listings in English for the excellent "Japanese Jazz Classics" series being reissued on Think! Records in Japan? Only about half of the discs seem to have translitterated track info, sometimes just on the obi, but the rest are Japanese only. Thanks for any help!
  4. Gumbasia soundtrack

    Thanks for checking the Manne filmography, Brownie-- this board is an amazing resource! Kalo-- thanks for trying. I came up empty too, but I guess I'll have to keep searching.
  5. Gumbasia soundtrack

    My wife sent me this link to the pilot of Art Cloakey's Gumby show (really a sort of technology demonstrator, Gumby doesn't appear) from 1955. Does anyone know if the very West Coastish musicians involved include Shelly Manne? Gumbasia
  6. Favorite West Coast Classics

    I was listening to "Tenorman" just the other day. It's pretty terrific! Originally Jazz West JWLP-8 (my copy is a Japanese import CD- Toshiba-Emi TOCJ-9340) Lawrence Marable, drums James Clay, tenor sax Jimmy Bond, bass Sonny Clarke, piano The devil and the deep blue sea Easy living Minor meeting Airtight Willow weep for me Three fingers north Lover man Marbles
  7. Jazz in the charts - 100 disc series

    Yup, "jazz" in this series includes a lot of big band pop, but a lot of real jazz sold pretty well during this period, and there is a lot of good music here. I found this link with cover images and track listings from the label (Membran, in Germany): Look like there's a book in the series also.
  8. Jazz in the charts - 100 disc series

    Has anyone out there listened to any of the "Jazz in the charts" series? It's a 100 disc series presenting the 2,211 recordings in the American Billboard charts in chronological order from 1917-1954. The discs are priced at $8.15 each at CD Universe, haven't checked anywhere else. The price is tempting, and some of the tracks are pretty rare overwise. Anybody know what the sound quality is like?
  9. I have been meaning to recommend this disc for months-- it was one of my favorite purchases last year. It is "Go Right" by the Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet, recorded in 1963 and reissued on cd in 2004 on Polskie Nagrania (PNCD 900). I had a different impression of Kurylewicz based on his later, more avant garde work. This session sounds for all the world like some lost classic Blue Note release of the late fifties. It's a terrific session.
  10. EMI to offer DRM-free mp3s?

    Thought I'd pass along the rumor from the Digital Music Weblog that one of the majors, possibly EMI, will be offering "a significant portion of their catalog" in DRM-free mp3 format. And of course EMI owns Blue Note...
  11. verve downsized

    I digitized a lot of my cds last year, and I couldn't help noticing that the late 90s really were a golden age for re-issues from the "major" labels. One of my favorite sets is the big Verve Lester Young set that if memory serves didn't sell as planned and caused an earlier wave of downsizing there. Looking back, it is astonishing that a big corporate label would approve a lot of those wacky "Verve by Request" reissues-- certainly hard to see that happening ever again! When I started down this road in the 70s, most everything was only available on sometimes scratchy used lps, purchased in garage sales or swap meets. Then the cd changed the economic equation for the big labels, and we've just lived through this period of wonderful, more-or-less easily available reissues. But the cd era is ending, and the business equation is changing again, with digital downloads, the passing of most of the big catalogs into public domain in Europe, and a global retail market as well as a global second-hand market (ebay, etc.). Stuff is still getting out somehow, though maybe not always the way one would like. Compared to what I was buying seven or eight years ago, I'm now getting many more imports (including Japanese reissues that probably would have been OJCs had Fantasy not been bought by Concord), some middling quality digital-only copies, and (yes) some Spain/Andorra reissues that I gave up hope of getting in better quality (or sometimes more legitimate) releases. Who knows what will happen next, but I'm confident that as long as people still love this music they will find a way to get it. At the same time, I'm really glad I don't work for Verve.
  12. Are jazz reissues dead?

    Yeah, somehow people can't get past that whole Little Big Horn thing with George C. Scott's general in "Doctor Strangelove" as a rogue general triggers a nuclear holocaust: "Mr. President, I don't think it's fair to condemn the whole safeguard program because of a single slip up."
  13. Looking for Swedish jazz

    I've bought from the Swedish Music Shop for years with no problems. And if you're on their mailing list, they let you know about occasional sales-- I got a couple of the Gullin Dragons at very good prices a few months ago. Thanks for the heads up about vol. 10 of the "History"!
  14. upcoming Jelly Roll Morton set?

    Got the "new" box for Christmas & it's the only item in my collection with a "parental advisory" note on the cover for explicit content. So it's probably not "expurgated". I'm not sure about that label though-- somehow I have a feeling very few kids asked Santa for this set! Looks like the only real difference is the lower price and no Lomax book.
  15. Any word on the "... Goodman set"? Heck, any rumors?