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  1. Too bad Goldfinger wasn't on the plane?
  2. You are correct sir....thanks JSngry...and what a great picture of those two!!!
  3. Don Rickles, RIP

    I was a fan.....he will be missed.
  4. I saw it and posted my impressions in the Miscellaneous forum....sorry I did not know films were discussed in the Jazz in Print forum.....
  5. New Movie on Lee Morgan

    I am glad the film is well reviewed but I have to say a lot of the film is about his murderer and it is quite sympathetic to I would guess some folks might not be too thrilled about that.
  6. I saw this in Manhattan Friday's called "I called him Morgan" It's as much about the woman who killed Morgan as it is about him so your mileage may vary. Lots of great clips (mostly from the Jazz Messengers and I had seen most of them before) and it is great to be reminded of what a tremendous musician he was.
  7. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

    A true giant and much beloved american icon....he will be missed!
  8. Kenyon Hopkins THE HUSTLER - Expanded! From Intrada!

    I just got my copy... and it is great....the compositions and performances. Thank you TTK for bringing this to our attention!!
  9. Sonny Rollins (Road Shows)--favorite tracks

    I generally agree with those on this thread who think Road Shows Vol. 4 is an excellent Rollins album and perhaps the best of the Road Shows series. BUT I do think the second track on Vol. 4 "Professor Paul" is very weak and subpar Rollins. One more thing - the track "Disco Monk" ....I don't know about you but just the title for me is cringe-worthy and while Rollins has a number of Monk quotes in his solo....the "head" of the tune seems to me to have little to do with disco or Monk....but I like the track....just wish it had a different title.
  10. I am interested in Milk Cow Blues....what does M- mean?  Mint?


    If so send me your address and I will send you the $6 in cash.

  11. Sarah Vaughan With Clifford Brown

    Tom 1960 I think this recording is sublime....great performances and choice of songs. One of my all time favorite jazz vocalist recordings ever.
  12. RIP Butch Trucks

    terribly sad to hear this and the circumstances.....the Allman Brothers and Butch were the real deal....especially the original band....
  13. FS: Chick Corea cds

    Prices reduced
  14. Prices reduced 1) Rendezvous in New York, Stretch Records SCD2-9041-2 SACD/DSD 2 cd set: it's SACD but hybrid so plays in any player. Condition is VG+ which a couple of minor marks on the playing side of each disc which do not affect playability. Booklet and digipak cover also VG+ Rated 4 stars by Penguin. $20 $18 delivered to a US address. 2) Chick Corea and Gary Burton in Concert, Zurich, October 28, 1979, ECM 1182/83 condition of disc and packaging is near mint. $7 $6 delivered to a US address.