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  1. Transcribed solos from the classic records. Excellent condition. I removed spiral binding and transferred book to a 3 ring binder for ease of use and to preserve condition. All pages and covers included. $9 to a US address.
  2. up with price reductions.
  3. willing to do a deal.....make me an offer and I will consider it.
  4. Jazz Instructional Books

    If anyone is interested in the remaining books....I would be willing to accept reduced prices....particularly if you want more than one.
  5. I hesitate to get into a discussion of high end audio here given that it seems to be a very controversial topic on this forum. And if you don't know what it probably is not for you. Suffice it to say, that it is as described---a power conditioner-- which modifies the a/c power going into your components to give better sound. Obviously, depending on your components and other factors.....your mileage may vary.
  6. I will now offer this at $175 + shipping.
  7. Mel Bay's Complete Jazz Guitar Method - Mike Christiansen (with CD) Mel Bay's Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines & Phrases - Sid Jacobs Jazz Guitar Bible: 31 Great Jazz Songs---(authentic transcriptions from recorded solos) Patterns, Scales & Modes for Jazz Guitar - Arne Berle Charlie Christian: The Art of the Jazz Guitar (14 transcribed solos)--- $9 How to Play Jazz Guitar - Alan de Mause---- $4 all books are in very good to mint condition and are priced at $15 delivered to a US address except where noted above. Take more than one and get a price reduction.
  8. Jazz Instructional Books

    forgot to say that the Hal Crook book comes with 2 cds. It's excellent but I upped the price a bit.
  9. Jazz Instructional Books

    update with sold items
  10. Universal Method for Saxophone by Paul Deville (great encyclopedia of exercises and etudes) (condition = good) $14 SOLD Expansions: A Method for Developing New Material for Improvisation for all Instruments by Gary Campbell (condition = mint) $10 Prices are delivered to a US address
  11. How to Improvise---Hal Crook (with 2 cds) $20 Training the Ear: For the Improvising Musician---Armen Donelian (with 2 cds) SOLD Vol 1: Melodic Structures---Jerry Bergonzi (with cd) SOLD Vol 2: Pentatonics---Jerry Bergonzi (with cd) SOLD Hearin' the Changes: Dealing with unknown tunes by ear---Jerry Coker, Bob Knapp, Larry Vincent SOLD Jerry Coker's Complete Method for Improvisation for All Instruments (revised edition) (with CD) SOLD Patterns for Jazz---Jerry Coker, Jimmy Casale, Gary Campbell, Jerry Greene Jazz Improvisation 1---Tonal And Rhythmic Principles---John Mehegan Creative Beginnings: An Introduction to Jazz Improvisation---Scott D. Reeves SOLD Creative Jazz Improvisation---Scott D. Reeves Jazz Improvisation: A Comprehensive Method of Study for All Players---David Baker SOLD How to Play Bebop Volumes 1,2,3: David Baker (3 separate books) ($15 for all) A Charlie Parker Study Album--Lionel Grigson (includes Eb and Bb parts) Charlie Parker---Stuart Isacoff from Jazz Masters/Music for Millions series (14 transcribed solos) ($5.00) The Music of Miles Davis: A study and analysis of compositions and solo transcriptions---Lex Giel ($20) all books are in very good to excellent condition, some never used. Priced at $12/book delivered to a US address unless noted otherwise. Would reduce if you take more than one
  12. These are excellent resources on purchasing, setting up and maintaining an audio system. Skews towards the higher end. Good Sound: An Uncomplicated Guide to Choosing and Using Audio Equipment by Laura Dearborn ($9) ($8) The Complete Guide to High-End Audio by Robert Harley ($17) ($16) Price are delivered to a US address. Take them both for $20. ($19)
  13. Price reduction: $250 + shipping