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  1. Since I just finished this Yaffe book, besides the Larry Kart interview reference - here's another interesting tidbit, to me at least. In the book, Joni is described as being friends with Dylan and that he played her an early unreleased version of Blood On the Tracks which she thought was awesome. The released version, according to Joni, was different and vastly inferior. Any opinions? (I guess some of those earlier versions are on the now officially released Bootleg Series?)
  2. Joni Mitchell and Larry Kart

    Larry thanks for posting your interview/article.....sounds like for the most part you liked Mitchell's "Mingus"album. I suspect you are being modest about the impression from the author of the Mitchell bio, David Yaffe, she was very selective about who she gave interviews to. Were you aware you are mentioned in the Yaffe book?
  3. I received the new Joni Mitchell biography as a holiday gift. The author says as one point (80s? 90s?)Joni was pretty much refusing any interviews but gave one to Larry Kart... Wonder if you would comment Larry?
  4. up with another reduction
  5. I have the following for sale: PRICES REDUCED Volume 3: The II-V-1 progression ($12) $10 $8 Volume 6: All Bird ($12) $10 $8 Volume 8: Sonny Rollins ($10) $8 $6 Volume 34: Jam Session (2 cd set) ($12) $10 $8 Volume 38: Blue Note (2 cd set) ($12) $10 $8 Volume 43: Groovin' High ($10) $8 $6 Volume 44: Autumn Leaves ($10) $8 $6 Volume 47: I Got Rhythm ($10) $8 $6 Volume 50: The Magic of Miles ($10) $8 $6 All books and cds are in very good to excellent condition. No writing, no marks or tears or scratches. ( One exception, I repackaged the II-V-I cover in a ring binder with clear cover) Prices are delivered to a US address. Take them all (11 cds!) for $90 $70 $55
  6. Not saying you should not bring hearing protection (I often do) but when I saw the Newark show I was pleasantly surprised that it was NOT overly loud. Brought plugs but ended up leaving them in my pocket.
  7. total class!!! I remember a number of good Rollins concerts at Oberlin in the 70s and 80s.
  8. I saw this concert in Newark NJ on Friday night and I have to echo the sentiments of others that it was a fantastic show. By the way mandrill, they did play "A Lotus on Irish Streams" in Newark --- an electric version of the original. Wonderful and thanks to all of you who spoke so highly- this prompted me to go.
  9. this documentary was shown on PBS in NYC last night. Nothing new really except some pictures and home movies that I had not seen before and were quite touching. On the negative side....a little Cornell West goes a long way....too long in my opinion....each of his words weighs a ton....and then there's Wynton. Surprisingly good were comments by former Doors drummer John Densmore and Benny Golson (well not really surprising in his case)
  10. congrats Dmitry....sounds great. Anyone see the NYC show at Town Hall??
  11. Ed sounds like a great experience. I would love to see the concert in NYC tonight...just found out about it today.....and if anyone has any spare tickets????
  12. RIP Don Garber

    I was at Fi a number of times.