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  1. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    A true giant!! Thanks Lee for the music you gave us.
  2. I am offering the following in this excellent series: PRICE REDUCTION The Improvised Melodic Line (book and 4 cassette tapes in which Mike explains and demonstrates his concepts) $17.50 $15.00 $12.00 Theory and Musicianship (book and 4 cassette tapes as above) $17.50 $15.00 $12.00 Voice and Voice Leading for the Contemporary Jazz Pianist (this is book only as there is no audio recording companion) $12.00 $10.00 $8.00 Books and Casettes in excellent condition. Prices are delivered to a US address. Would prefer sell all 3 books at $40.00 $33.00 $25.00
  3. Mike Longo R.I.P. (COVID-19 victim)

    I saw Mike Longo several times on the bandstand .....very much enjoyed his playing. But one thing no one has mentioned so far ----are his instructional books ---which are great. In the 90s, when I was studying jazz and sax, my teacher suggested Mike's books: The Improvised Melodic Line, Theory and Musicianship, and Voicing and Voice Leading for the Contemporary Jazz Pianist. The first two come with accompanying recordings with Mike explaining or playing the concepts he has in the books. I found these to be extremely helpful. And as an aside, when I went to purchase these, I ended up in his apartment as he was selling them from his own place. He was gracious and kind, asked me about what I was trying to learn and even demonstrated a few concepts for me while I was making the purchase. What a great guy! As TMJ derailed my sax "career", I don't use these any more. If someone is interested in these, please let me know.
  4. I have one of these on an acoustic 12 string. Had not pulled it out for months....but the red light indicator just keeps going round and round when I turn it on. Is it most likely a battery issue or that I am so far from the note I need to tune it to?
  5. I would sell this entire collection for $30 delivered to a US address. If you play jazz or sax, there is something here for you. If not a sax player but play jazz can sell just those items or just the sax issues.
  6. FS: Bundy II Alto Sax

    I forgot to mention that the price above includes a hardshell case made by Bundy for the sax and a mouthpiece and ligature if you want them.
  7. If you are reading this you probably know that Bundy is made by Selmer and is considered a student model. I bought this in the early 1980s but I have kept it in great shape by having it regularly serviced by NY area repairman Bill Singer who is the best. So the pads have been changed several times and the horn has been lubed and cared for. I would say that the finish is in very good condition. Obviously the best would be if you live in the NYC metro area where I live you can try the horn for yourself...but willing to ship. I am asking $250.
  8. up once more for your consideration
  9. because the right hand is farther away from the bass notes on the piano!!!
  10. It seems like a lot of online complain about the sound. Is there a good sounding version or what is the best version?
  11. Price reduction to $70 delivered to a US address