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  1. Happy Birthday, Jazzbo!

    Not sure how I missed this? Hope it was a great one Lon!!!!
  2. R.I.P. Glen Campbell.

    Agreed....and hooking up with Jimmy Webb as a songwriter.....awesome!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong!

    can we get the biopic starring Tracy Morgan....PLEASE??????
  4. Price reduced to $17.00 delivered to a US address.
  5. Greg Allman - RIP

    Very sad news....I loved the original band and Gregg had a fantastic voice, organ chops and songwriting skills....he was great.
  6. Price reduced to $19.00 delivered to a US address.
  7. This is an out of print paperback book with the full title "Rolling Stones: an unauthorized biography in words, photographs, and music" Published in 1972 and edited by David Dalton the book has biographical articles, discography with US and English releases, film and record reviews, great photos in black and white and color, and even musical transcriptions of their albums (up to Sticky Fingers) with lyrics and chords. The book has 351 pages and is in good condition with only four pages that are loose, but mostly the binding is tight. $22.00 delivered to a US address
  8. NBA playoffs thread

  9. what I meant to say was where was Goldfinger when you needed him?
  10. Ella Fitzgerald

    I wish the city of Yonkers (her hometown) would take better care of her statue which is located at the Yonkers train station. I pass by it often and have noticed that sometimes branches are growing over it and the lights at night may not be working. She deserves better!!!
  11. Too bad Goldfinger wasn't on the plane?
  12. You are correct sir....thanks JSngry...and what a great picture of those two!!!
  13. Don Rickles, RIP

    I was a fan.....he will be missed.