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  1. Limited edition 5 CD compilation of legendary Cleveland singer/songwriter, guitarist and rock legend, Peter Laughner who died in 1977. He also wrote rock criticism for Creem and other publications. He was a member of Pere Ubu and Rocket From the Tombs among other bands. Comes with a lavish hardcover book filled with photos, tribute articles by friends and fellow musicians and selected record reviews and rock criticism he wrote. After a rave review in the New York Times on August 8, 2019, entitled "The Lost Work of a Rock 'n' Roll Tragedy", the set sold 80% of the copies in one week. If not sold out now, it soon will be. Excellent condition. List price is $100 or more. I am selling it for $80 delivered to a US address.
  2. Up for consideration again. Would do a good deal if you take all the remaining volumes!
  3. João Gilberto RIP

    thanks Jazzbo for the helpful clarification!
  4. João Gilberto RIP

    Is Joao Gilberto on Elis and Tom? I was not aware of that. BTW- Gilberto's death is such a huge loss....what a contribution he made. An aside, at a memorial concert for Jobim in NYC, I saw Joao and Astrud perform together....I think it was the first time in decades. Wonderful concert.
  5. any interest? Let me know
  6. I would be willing to cut a better deal on these, particularly if you take them all.
  7. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    thanks again everyone!
  8. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    thanks guys Are you basing your suggestions on having been to these places?
  9. Any recommendations regarding clubs or live jazz in N.O. Any good jazz concerts next week whether in a club or not?
  10. RCD.2.docx Not sure that the previous attachment was opening. Trying again here.
  11. I have a good collection of both Jazz Player and Saxophone Journal from the 1990s. These are filled with great interviews, transcriptions of jazz tunes, exercises to improve technique. Probably most impressive are the issues which give you a Masterclass from guys like Dave Liebman. These are unique and each issue comes with a playalong cd. These were originally priced at $9 to $10 per issue. I would sell separate issues for $7 delivered to a US address. Would sell the entire collection for $50 delivered to a US address. RCD-4 I attach a list of all of these issues.RCD-4
  12. up again. By the way, I have a number of jazz instructional books - many with cds or dvds. If you are looking for something, contact me.

    I saw him about a year ago in a Manhattan jazz club...more than "old".... what shocked me was how overweight he was. I am not a fat shamer, but his weight gain looked unhealthy as he seemed to walk slowly. Absolutely no effect on his playing or fingers which flew all over his horn.
  14. I have met Lon, Dmitry and Catesta. All great guys!!!
  15. Otis Reddfing Dock of the Bay "Sessions"

    Thanks D, This is one of my favorite Otis tracks. Just Otis and guitar and yet you don't need anything else. Magnificent!!!