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  1. If Concord agreed to this, and it is not clear yet what is actually involved, there would have had to be lots of money involved.
  2. Since COVID I have been playing it safe and only do Zoom orgies.
  3. The compositions alluded to were not actually lost in a flood. They surfaced a few years ago, in the possession of family members: https://jazzleadsheets.com/composers/herbie-nichols.html
  4. Pianist Lafayette Gilchrist is performing a set of Nichols pieces with a Sextet this Saturday 2/18 in Frederick, MD. The second set will be his own compositions. My understanding is that the Nichols idea was suggested by Bill Shoemaker. Bertrand.
  5. The co-author of Endangered Species, Joe Vitarelli, never gets a mention.
  6. bertrand

    Teddy Edwards

    Bob Dylan is a fan, apparently: Bob Dylan Talks Music, Religion and More in New Interview with 'The Wall Street Journal' (jambands.com)
  7. I saw him at the Kennedy Center a few months ago. He was embarking on a mega worldwide tour. But yes, no studio work in a long time.
  8. bertrand

    Earl Anderza

    Thank you for joining in! I really enjoy your father's recordings!
  9. Such an awful story. He was much loved in the bay area.
  10. One of the great unsung composers of jazz, and a trumpet player with a very original approach. Definitely one of my heroes.
  11. AB retired a long time ago. Katja is moving back to Germany. I assume her job will be open soon.
  12. Dan may well be on the committee but I am sure he cannot say so. That does not guarantee he will know. I doubt Wayne Shorter knows how he became a Jazz Master exactly, just that someone nominated him.
  13. Well, I have never seen it described as such so I am just speculating. I never tried to ask. The current administrator is a friend of mine but she will not answer ANY questions about her job. I guess someone who is not friends with the administrator could write and make a claim that they have the right to know who is on the committee under a variation of the FIA. If someone chooses to do so, please do report back! I sure would like to know how things actually went down when the committee at the time decided to award it to the ENTIRE Marsalis clan. Only the Cassandra Wilson decision dwarfed this one in stupidity. One could have reasonably suspected that politics were involved, and in the USA politics are usually of a green hue, if you get my drift. PS: I would like to ask the committee why my Joe Chambers nomination has been ignored for EIGHT years now and counting. Someone suggested it was because he was grumpy. If that was the criteria, then how the fuck did Keith Jarrett get it?
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