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  1. So a V Disc could have some Benny Goodman on there that his estate can't block, correct?
  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing that. You should write some memoires!
  3. Wow. No way could I go for that either. Sorry Branford.
  4. Had to officially leave the jazz subreddit as it has gotten awful. There's a "jazz circlejerk" subreddit, created to make fun of the main jazz sub, but they've basically become the same thing. So for online jazz discussion, reddit ain't it.
  5. Loved the Euro this year. Spain played so well throughout. Watching the Copa final was brutal, at least the 2nd half and extra time. Colombia's "offense" was awful. I mentioned to my friend that neither team would have made it past the quarters in the Euro.
  6. Y'all gotta love how England looked today compared to the last match. Should be a great game with Spain.
  7. Indeed. Rockers captures that late 70s reggae vibe better than any other movie I've seen. That's likely due to it including so many legendary artists in the cast. The only other one that rivals Rockers for that vibe is the documentary The Land of Look Behind:
  8. I re-watched this recently on Tubi and had the same issue with subtitles. When I first saw it decades ago, it was via VHS and the movie's subtitles were sufficient (but I'm also a native a English speaker), and I'm pretty sure those subtitles are baked into the movie itself. Unless one is fluent in Jamaican patois, it's difficult to completely understand otherwise. I plan on watching again and will turn the streaming platform's subtitles off because I thought they were distracting and unnecessary as well. I've seen The Harder they Come but not Smile Orange. Another one I highly recommend is Countryman, which I rank up there with Rockers, and slightly better than The Harder they Come:
  9. Check this out. I don't know how many have seen the movie Rockers, but it includes this baptism scene with some amazing kette drumming to an old time spiritual that is absolutely rollicking. As one YT commenter states, I'd get baptized just to be a part of this jam: Rockers is a great movie, esp if you like reggae. It's not perfect, but scenes like this vault it into legendary cult status IMO. It's unfortunate that the song didn't make the soundtrack, and also unfortunate that I think it's only recording exists in this scene.
  10. Hey, no worries. I hope you enjoy the set!
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