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  1. Freddie recorded that track twice. This one came later in '79. Helluva singer.
  2. No doubt. Those African dub albums are classics.
  3. Saw this released recently. Cover art is a call back to Joe Gibbs' African Dub All Mighty vol 2 which is cool.
  4. Mars Williams & Hamid Drake, live from Dec 11, 1996 at the Empty Bottle, Chicago. I love it. Intense & spirited.
  5. Potential BFT track theme right there
  6. No way it's weak, but even so that's better than no take IMO. 👍
  7. Foot traffic in the BFT listening room this month remains scarce. I think it's Ken's turn next month and I'm betting he's been cooking up some selections that hopefully attract some more ears. About 9 days left on this one. One mystery track is left but there's a decent amount of partials to fill in some gaps as well.
  8. Another option would be local auction houses. My dad has a lot of LPs he doesn't play anymore and I've advised him to think about whether he wants to sell them and use the money to enjoy now. He's somewhat motivated but beyond cataloging his LPs he hasn't made any move yet. He hasn't started on his 45s either, which is a pretty substantial collection. I've mentioned the auction joints recently and he said he'd take a look.
  9. In trying to help my dad with his collection (not jazz), I've advised him to catalogue via discogs or spreadsheet and sell in bulk or at a record show (or both). Piecemealing them out either in an online market like discogs, other sites, or at auction takes a special individual which neither of us are.
  10. I've sold some Mosaic sets after ripping the music and taking some notes from the booklets. Honestly, it was pretty satisfying to have them gone from the shelves and into the hands of folks who had interest in the music. I've come to dislike the size of these boxes and have held off buying several of them due to the space they take up. I do like the booklets and the corresponding size of the photos in them. I kind of wish Mosaic could publish volumes of just the booklets into several editions but I'm sure there's licensing issues there. I think the majority of these sets will tank in value in the next 5 to 10 years, save some small percentage of them.
  11. Yeah, I dug it way more than I thought I would - and I'm not sure why I had any trepidations. It's excellent. Along with the Tom Skinner and Fingers releases, Bandcamp has been a treasure trove lately.
  12. I can't find any reference online as to what this picture references, either a video shoot, tour date, or something else. Madonna's outfit suggests it's not a recording date either.
  13. Looked for this on discogs but didn't see it. It's on Spotify though, and in good sound. Nice record.
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