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  1. Funny how jazz does this. May this be the first of many awakenings my dude.
  2. These are streaming on YT music and so I would assume across all other streaming platforms. Fantastic line ups. Can't wait to check these out.
  3. So Blackstone Legacy was on Contemporary and its not even being whispered about in this recent Contemporary reissue campaign? Perfect record for that... Moontrane came a little later on Muse and an LP of that isn't easy to find either. No vinyl reissues since the 70s. That one's on Muse - don't think anyone legit is reissuing from that label these days - or are they?
  4. Picked up this Real Gone Jazz/Dusty Groove collab reissue CD at Real Gone Jazz's CD sale (this one was $5...and all Black Jazz CDs are $6 if ya need to know). First Sonny Fortune appearance on record. Rudy recorded this one in '65.
  5. My bad on that. I used discogs and searched Chico Hamilton but didn't include Chico Hamitlon Quintet, et al. which discogs doesn't automatically aggregate (frustrating - streaming platforms dont do that either). So yes, every Chico Hamilton leader date on Impulse! is worthwhile for sure.
  6. Never listened to that one before so just did based on your rec and damn - mighty fine. Thanks for the lead!
  7. Anyone know any background information on this release? Looks to be new but I can't find any info on label, personnel, etc. anywhere. Streaming selections available online and tracklist includes live performances from '82, '89, '90, & '93. So far the '82 track I'm playing, "Serena Sugar" is excellent. Definitely want to know more about this one.
  8. Drumfusion playing now. Garnett Brown is on this one too Edit to add: it's excellent. Thanks for the tip! Edit #2: looks like this has never been reissued on vinyl nor CD. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! For Chico, there's definitely more experience on this board than I carry but I spent several weeks deep diving into his catalog earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Hard to go wrong but my favorites were: All 3 Impulse! albums The Master on Stax Nomad (seriously good) And then his post-2000 records: Heritage Believe Twelve Tones of Love I'm betting all of those Joyous Shout records are worthwhile actually.
  10. Listening to #2's album now...it's OK.
  11. Not on your list, but the thread here on the Big Ears festival always makes it seem like a worthwhile event
  12. Revisiting the article, he's essentially saying Mulligan played without feeling and perhaps had a compromised sound. Is that a common, at least among musicians, sentiment toward Mulligan? I've never heard anything like that aimed at GM before.
  13. 100%. Especially in light of these articles: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/03/microsoft-terminates-its-tay-ai-chatbot-after-she-turns-into-a-nazi/ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/13/artificial-intelligence-ai-abuses-fascism-donald-trump https://www.wired.co.uk/article/facebook-teaches-bots-how-to-negotiate-and-lie
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